Results and Playoff Schedule Info

TDYOB 9 GOB 6; Pinny Candy 12 Y&B 3; Five O’s 11 Bowlderdash 4; Clockwork 14 Lovernauts 1; Sweet Rolls 8 IBS 7; Happy Hands 14 Bad News Spares 1; Cape Fear 13 Snakes 2; Roll Another 11.5 Lesbowlians 3.5; Yay 14 BUI 1; Guacabowle 9.5 Wrecking Balls 5.5


I will release the brackets Sunday at 3pm at Bayside Bowl, but for scheduling purposes here’s when teams play

Tuesday 4/9 Early: Back in Black, BEER, Young & Bowled, No Eye Deer, Sons of Danarchy, 3 play-in winners

Tuesday 4/9 Late: ICBING, Saucy Posse, UREA!, BUI, Incredibowls, 3 play-in winners

Thursday 4/11 Early: Yay!, Happy Hands, My Balls, Still L.O.S., Wrecking Balls, 5 O’Clocks, Cunning Linguists, Roll Another

Thursday 4/11 Late: Guacabowle, Guns of Brighton, Cape Fear, Binga’s, Clockwork Oranges, TDYOB, 2 play in winners

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