Just sitting at the bar, doing some lines

Still L.O.S. (8-4) -7 vs Roll Another (6-6):  This is a pretty tall order for the unassuming Roll Another crew.  L.O.S. is ready to make a run with an excellent crew around the Rhinestone Cowboys.  Coco is a playoff shark, and Stiffy has been delivering when it counts.  Ali is probably on the sideline the rest of the way, but Shithawk will be playing for his future hatchling.  That leaves the big guns.  Cheese is ready to erase 2012.  Precious is leading the way for the team’s facial hair growth.  Roll Another is looking for a signature win in the 6th season for the franchise.  Everyone knows The Package can occasionally roll 6 or 7 straight, and Uncle Buck got some draft league testing.  Chup, Bones, Roxy and Smutty will need career games.

Cunning Linguists (7-5) -9 vs Wrecking Balls (7-5):  These teams have identical records, but the similarities stop there.  The Linguists have played well this year in the tough Tuesday A division.  La Gatita took Top Dawg, ladies style.  They have the ability to make a run in the playoffs if they can ever find a way to all get hot in the same game.  The Wreck kind of limp into this one but they have nothing to lose.  Dude Jr. makes his playoff debut and has been getting one 200+ game a week for the last few.  The Dude will have to catch some paternal inspiration, and hope for the best.  Swing is out, so Swanny needs to step up for him.

XXX Club (5-8) -3 vs Cape Fear (8-4):  This has probably been the most anticipated first round match since the brackets came out.  Both teams have some talent.  T-Club was a finalist last year and is psyched to have their spotty season behind them and get back in the tournament.  They have a ton of confidence, now just need to get some consistency.  They have the talent to advance.  Cape Fear is harder to predict.  E-Minor has become one of the top tier bowlers in BoPo this season so it’s easy to see them pulling off a win.  Minga has his nights, and Hot Pocket could regian his early season throw when he was among the league leaders.  Bacon needs to just keep them on an even keel and they could find themselves moving on.

My Balls (6-6) -1 vs Happy Hands (9-3):  Happy Hands had a sensational season in winning Thursday B, but they enter this game short some key rollers.  Word has it that both Munj and (The Oft-Injured) Chunk will be out.  Any team losing their top two averages faces a tough task.  It’s still a close one here though because My Balls is short too, at least their Captain Barry Violet, and maybe Big Red and Lt. Striker as well.  This one will be a battle of attrition between old roommates and league founders Sasha Northfield and Bubbles.  Maybe Lance Cocksure makes a name for himself, or Rambler returns to glory.

Late Games

Guns of Brighton (8-4) -3 vs Strikes of Hazzard (5-8): Sneaky good game.  Hazzard bring their Southern hospitality to this match but they also bring some redneck firepower.  Deputy can hold his own with GOB KS and reigning MVP Mr. Pickles.  Uncle Jesse and the other boys will need to be crafty, but they usually are.  GOB will be ready for the match, however.  Hootie has been sterling of late and Bowltron 3030 had the magic last time out.  Seatown is coming off a huge Casco Bay league night and the Hand has shown some signs of a resurgence.  This will be a fun one.  GOB should pull it out in the end but they will have to be playoff ready.

Binga’s (6-6) -5 vs Guacabowle (8-4):  A couple of teams that win accolades from their foes meet in this one.  Though people love playing them both, they couldn’t be more different.  It will be fun watching them mingle, sort of like two random high school cliques realizing they have a lot in common.  Like in the Breakfast Club, sorta.  As far as bowling Binga’s should cruise.  They have Tso back and Cookie is in top form having just reached the 2v2 finals with league Top Dawg Jerk.  Guac doesn’t have the starpower but they did put a scare in the Walkaways last yearin the first round.  They’ve been practicing, so they’ve got it in them, but it would be a pretty stunning development.

Yay! (10-2) -11 vs Five O’Clocks (4-8):  Kudos to the 5 O’s for pulling this off.  They got a clutch win in the final week to avoid the Sunday Shootout and qualify directly for the tourney.  2011 Captain of the Year Tillie will make sure her squad enjoys their stay.  It is hard to see them making much of a dent vs Yay!  The Yay! ladies have been on fire and the guys have more than enough to cruise in this one.  This should be a lovefest and a sweet tourney experience for all involved.

TDYOB (7-5) -5 vs Clockwork Oranges (8-4): So we meet again.  Two diametrically opposed squads are now tournametrically opposed squads.  This is the third year in a row for this playoff matchup, and Dr.’s squad is confident they can make it three for three.  They do have the scores to back it up, and a long playoff run from last year to up their never lacking confidence.  The Oranges have now seen this show twice so they know to look past it and focus on the lanes.  TDYOB’s dirty little secret is that they are actually nice.  Uh oh, story’s out!  Clockwork has playoff ringer Coco Lopez to keep them loose and post some big scores.  They will need Ishmael, Fern and Riggs to bring it all together to make this one interesting.  This franchise has a proud playoff history too, reaching the 1st two BoPo finals and knocking out LOS last year in the first round.  Don’t sleep on them.



8 thoughts on “Just sitting at the bar, doing some lines

  1. Who the heck are the 16 teams left??? Who plays who???? Any brackets busted?????

  2. Apologies to LOS. Our teammates apparently did not get the memo, several texts, phone calls, SOS messages, telegrams, and telepathic signals we have been sending since last week. A forfeit is embarrassing. Glad we got to roll a little anyway. Good luck to you the rest of the way. Great time this year!

  3. Next time you are sitting at the bar doing some lines give a brother a call. Up on the roof, up on the rooooooof………

  4. The life so short, the crafts so long to learn – Chaucer

    Just came off a quick tune-up during lunch went:
    187,164,202,144,196,156,172,208,191,167 and ready to rumble.

    3 game high of 606 so guaranteeing a 600+ series tonight! Tango you want to put a wager on highest avg? Loser buys lunch at Chipotle and an extra set of boxers!

    TDYOB is ready to curb stomp anyone on our lanes starting today. This is playoffs! Anything can happen, and the Dr is playoff tested, just take a look at all my Ultimate Frisbee playoff participation ribbons. Enough said.

    So crank up the ‘stank and let’s roll!


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