Results and Sweet 16 Matchups

TDYOB 11 Clockowrk Oranges 4; Yay! 10 Five O’s 0; Binga’s 10 Guacabowle 0; My Balls 9 Happy Hands 1; Linguists 10 Wrecking Balls 0; L.O.S. 10 Roll Another 0; XXX Club 10 Cape Fear 0; Strikes of Hazzard 8 Guns of Brighton 2

Five shutouts, and only one match that needed three games.  Well this week was about thinning the herd a bit.  Next week it heats up.  All Sweet 16 matchups are Tuesday.  Since you only have one match win or lose, please play all three games again even if it is decided in 2.  All Tuesday winners will play in the quarterfinals on Thursday early, and the early Thursday winners will play the semis later that night.  That night there is no need for game threes if it is clinched in 2.

Sweet 16


UREA! (11-2) vs My Balls (7-6)

Still L.O.S. (9-4) vs Nutz (6-8)

Linguists (8-5) vs Yay! (11-2)

BEER (10-3) vs TDYOB (8-5)


Back In Black (12-1) vs Y&B (6-7)

Sons of Danarchy (12-1) vs BUI (6-8)

Off Constantly (7-6) vs XXX Club (6-8)

Binga’s (8-5) vs Strikes of Hazzard (6-8)

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