We have a pulse!

Can you feel that?  The crispness in the night air, the slight fade to yellow in the afternoon light, the sound of bowling balls hurtling down the lane (and elbows and wrists creaking back into heavy use).  It’s been a long time since 4/20 and watching Back In Black win the Cup.  We’ve had a couple solid tournaments but let’s be honest, other than Turkey Club most of us have been somewhere between slowdown and shutdown mode in terms of our bowling.  Well it’s time to start thinking (synthetic) maple again.

Draft League 3

The experiment that is Draft League appears to have been a wild success.  We’ve gone from 8 teams to 13 teams to a crazy 17 this year.  This is kind of the warmup for BoPo, but the bowling is excellent.  Lots of BoPo #2s and #3s loving to get shots playing against their Captains, folks looking for new teams and scouting for new free agents.  It’s a blast.  We’ll slowly morph it into our cash league  – this year the winning team will get their money back, plus a split of any 50/50 action we get.  Looking forward to the draft (I have a strong feeling I’ll be going with the 4th pick – Supah Deep 4Eva).

Ne playoff format: Top 4 by win/loss record get byes to quarterfinals

Teams 5-11 by win/loss are in full 3 game match play-ins, with final spot in play-ins determined by one game playoff between 12th best win/loss record team vs top average team not in top 12 win/loss.

DRAFT DATE: Thursday, August 29 6pm

1st Annual Draft Day Baker Hat Draw Tourney at 7pm: Up to 50 people, continue the mixer theme with a random team of 5, and try to win some dough.  Cost will be finalized, but probably in the $12-$15 range with a cash prize to winner.


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