Draft League….

Great draft last night. The Hunguses will be touring Europe for a few weeks so there won’t be any preseason or week 1 write-ups.  That’ll pick up for week 2. I’ll leave a team sheet at the front desk, and good luck in week one (Deputy’s team and Slow Roll’s team have their BYE week in week 1).  League fees are due by opening night.

Here are the teams:

T-Square Hexy Ali-Lujah
Bama Double Cheese Precious
T-$ Mr. Stiffy Pistol Pete
Gutterslut Skittles Shithawk
Rufio! Crl Angus Fern
The Munj Pins not Shins Spare Time
McStriker Herk Hot Sauce
Natro Stevie Strikes Shifter Pawl
The Dentist Valley Girl Walter
Jewdy Probie Chernobyl Lane
Dirty Sylon Samsquamptch Xander Rolle
Two Koops Gutterlicious Thaarbear
Diesel Bustah Pauly
Yao Romo Bijou Lowrie Tango
Bombpop The Hygenist Snapshot
Coco Lopez Beajolais Tilt-A-Whirl
Motor Boat Tee Bag J-Bird
Saw Purple Nurple Ismael
iHand Ralphie Slow Roll
Jamacan Jerk E-Minor Hungus
Nugget Dwayne Luther Steve McQueen
John Moon Buckeye Booth Space Farmer
Lillabot Wen Diesel Honey Bunny
Rappapotomus Rick Vaughn The Dude
Thunder Dick L Gen Tso
Nuber Roadhouse Oz
Peanut Gutter Bowldemort Filthy/Tron
Sea Town Coucou Bora Bora
Hacksaw Peanut Marne Asada
PB&Jenny El Hombre Durro Colluci Kid
Deputy Gutterboy Cheddar
Sparkles Lala Cookie
Uncle Jesse Dude Jr. Steph Infection
The Duke Mister Mayor Hot Pocket
Sizzou Jenerator Old Thumper
Bonita Slick Nick Sasha Northfield




Here’s the week 1 schedule.

5:45 Aliluejah  vs Gutterboi 8:00 Pauly  vs T-Square Slow Roll (BYE)
5:45 Dick L  vs Bustah 8:00 Thunder  vs Gen Tso Deputy (BYE)
5:45 Ralphie  vs Cheddar 8:00 Hot Sauce  vs Diesel
5:45 Herk  vs iHand 8:00 McStriker  vs Hexy  

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