If I Write A Few Lines

Ain’t nothin to it, gangsta rap made me do it

Early Games

Eskimo Sistas (1-2) -3 vs Bustas (0-3): Both teams are coming off tight 8-7 games, but the Sistas broke through with a win while it was another painful loss for the Bustas.  Sometimes losses just breed more losses.  The Sistas weren’t reaslly feeling too down on themselves even before their win so they should be riding a wave of positive vibes.

HHH (3-1) -3 vs Touch Me Ralphie (2-2): The Ralpheteers have now lost two straight and the kitten is mewing angrily.  HHH is going in the other direction with three straight wins, and Double Cheese is in the leaderboard troika.  Ralphie needs to step up and lead her team with a big night.  HHH should keep on grooving.

Prestige Worldwide (3-1) -1 vs SODA (1-2) : Somehow Thunder’s crew keeps winning.  Missing two guys vs Wet Bandits and Stevie Strikes?  No problem.  One girl last week?  No problem.  This week Hacksaw is gone…that shouldn’t stop them either.   SODA has not started as well in the win loss column, but they do have a significantly better average and will be hungry to roll after a bye week.

Wet Bandits (3-1) -1 vs Alis (2-1): If there were a game of the week this would be it.  Only two bowlers are over 200 in average right now and they battle here, Stevie Strikes vs Precious. Assuming that’s kind of a wash I give the Bandits the slight edge on the strength of Valley Girl’s rolling, though that could change if Pistol Pete shows up.  Would be a great bowloff (if Steve was still there after game 3).

Later Games

In-N-Out Bowlers (2-1) -3 vs G-Boys (0-4): I’m pretty sure that when Dude rolls against Dude Jr in this one it’ll mark the first father-son showdown in an actual BoPo game.  Dude Jr is coming off a career best 226 this weekend, while The Dude is warming up to his new Berserk.  One thing’s for certain, McQueen will sport the v-neck.

Dick’s Picks III (3-1) -3 Clam Hands Mafia (0-4): The Hands look a little lifeless after their 0-4 start, but it’s a long season and they still have time to turn things around.  They actually aren’t bowling that poorly.  Dick’s probably doesn’t mind getting that loss out of the way last week so they didn’t get all the attention they would have garnered if they were the last unbeaten.  Roadhouse is having a breakout season and Bowldemort is welcoming himself to BoPo.

Tsonami (3-1) -1 vs Preemptive Strikes (1-2): I was considering taking Tango and Pauly in this one with Filthy missing for the Tsos, then I remembered the 3-1 Tsos haven’t even really used Oz yet.  That’s a nice ace in the hole.

iHand (2-2) -1 vs Squares (2-2): A battle of past BoPo MVP’s in Jerk vs Bama headlines this matchup of .500 teams. Rookie Jon Moon has been a good find by iHand, as well as BoPo newbie Nugget.  The Squares need T-$ to find a new line and start bowling like T-$.  Once that happens look out, as Bama is sure to be at the top of the stats by season’s end.  For now, though, Jerk and co have a slight edge.


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