Week 6

So, this is the halfway point of the season already.  Five weeks behind us, five weeks ahead of us.  No one is winless.  No one is undefeated.  Nice little league we have here.  Also, this is the only week where there are no byes, so we’ll all be there.  Hell maybe I’ll even run 50/50!

Early Games

Bustas (1-3) -1 vs Tsonami (3-2):  It doesn’t make sense, I know.  Tsonami should have Filthy back, and maybe even Oz, and they’ve been pretty solid.  The Bustas only have one win.  I just think it’s fair to pick the guy who rolled a 297 on Tuesday.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT-m-RHCtuY&feature=youtu.be

Touch Me Ralphie (3-2) -1 vs Dick’s Picks III (3-2): Bowldemort survived one of the weirdest night in Bayside history this week when some pseudo-mobsters offered him $200 bucks for his lane, and surrounded him with big guys to help ‘make the sale’.  That probably toughened him up for this big game but did cut into his practice time.  But, as the short guy in the nice suit said “sometimes you let the riff raff in”.  The Ralphie’s rallied last week behind their Captain’s return to form.  I’ll take them in a close one.

HHH (3-2) -2 vs Clam Hands Mafia (1-4): The CHM picked up a big win last week to keep their season alive.  The food product crew of Cheddar-Dill-Cookie and Old Thumper have some life in them yet, and the decideldy unappetizingly named Steff Infection will play a big role.  HHH is also food based, but may be relying too heavily on Double Cheese on Skittles.

Alis (2-2) -3 vs SODA (2-2):  Quite a game here.  The Alis have the league’s top average but they are stuck in the pack at 2-2.  SODA has been playing well too.  Diesel has had a real hit or miss season, with 4 200+ games but still a 178 average.  He could definitely put up big enough numbers to battle Precious.

  Late Games

Wet Bandits (4-1) -1 vs Blurred Lanes (3-1):  These are the last two 1 loss teams, and even though it’s early whichever team wins is looking very solid for one of the top 4 seeds and a bye to the quarterfinals.  Stevie Strikes likes this pattern more than anyone and looks like a lock for the top dawg award (were there such an award in Draft League).  Blurred Lanes doesn’t have anyone in the top-15 but they have a solid lineup and are winning with depth.  The Bandits typically build a lead and then hold on, we’ll see if they can get far enough ahead to win this time in this battle for 1st place.

Preemptive Strikes (2-2) -1 vs Shatner Face (2-2): The S-Facers have the fewest points in the league, but they are quite happy with their 2-2 record.  They should have Shifter Pawl around (he’s been seen around the lanes lately) who’s their top bowler at #25.  The Strikes are riding the surprising lead of Tango.  Can we please just get a bowloff – Shifter loves them and it’s been a while since we’ve seen the anti-aircraft strike celebration.

Lazer Cats (3-2) -1 vs The G Boys (1-4): The G Boys rallied from a 5-0 hole last week to get their first win.  Dude Jr made the scene with a 224 and Gutterboy has been excellent all year.  The Lazer Cats are sitting at 3-2 and Bama is starting his climb up the stats sheet.  T-Square showed some signs of figuring it out last week too, so these guys could be rounding into form.  The G Boys will need Lala to justify her 1st round selection this week – she’s been close,  and eventually will have a breakout night.  This team needs a few more wins soon to keep their playoff hopes alive.

In-N-Out Bowlers (2-2) -1 vs Prestige Worldwide (3-2): I’ll hand it to Thunder – he has acheived his dream of assembling one of the best party squads in draft league history.  These guys are putting away shots at a record pace and still managing a winning record.  Tonight they’ll get PB&J liquored up for her 14 hour caravan to a Phish show, but I think they’ll also fall to .500.  In-N-Out has been pretty average, but McQueen/Hungus has been an adequate 1-2 punch and Slow Roll is in the top 5 women.  How will Space Farmer do against his BoPo Captain? Or Tom Richards in the same situation? Will Thunder try to trade #1 again? Lot’s of storylines to follow.

Imminent Threats (2-3) -1 vs Eskimo Sistas (1-3): These teams’ averages are within half a point of each other.  That’s as close as it gets.  Can we please get a bowloff! Someone, please.  Jon Moon has been coming on strong for the Threats and of course there’s always Jerk.  Deputy is primed for some big games and it seems like the time of the season where Uncle Jesse pulled a 260 out of nowhere.  Ahh, I don’t know.





7 thoughts on “Week 6

    1. Can I have the 3 minutes of my life that I just wasted watching that back?

      DL;DW – an idiot hits a coconut with a bowling pin and pretends to know what he is talking about.

      1. Seeing that Thunder posted it, I’m surprised you even clicked the link. Considering his poop fetish post, I decided to steer clear. What’s wrong with that simpleton? (rhetorical)

      2. ha-ha, great link, just soaked the cornhole Tango, heading for baby powder now…..

    1. Samuels last night to watch that dreadful Peavy start, wings, pizza, miller lite, this morning water and banana, lunch Chipotle steak bowl, what the fuck was I thinking, I literally feel like I just shaved my cornhole. I can’t wait to get home so I can mud up a wash cloth!

      Meeting 3-4 then home for butt-cleaning!

      Roll Prestige Worldwide!

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