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With the start of BoPo’s official free agency period, a world series win and Halloween tonight lines seemed less relevant than normal.  Everyone should just drink a few Karl Hungii and soak up the madness.  Tonight has the potential to be one of the great BoPo nights in history and lead to lots of terrible decision making. Yes!  Bust out your costumes and dance moves and get ready to roll.

Early Games

Blurred Lanes (4-2) -1 vs Imminent Threat (3-4):  Apparently the Lanes have a team costume but haven’t told Natro.  That’s pretty funny.  The Threats are unlikely to dress up, though Jerk should put his Jerk costume back on and start rolling like The Jerk..  Threat rookies Jon Moon and Lillabot are hot free agent commodities.

HHH (4-2) -1 vs Preemptive Strikes (4-2): A rare battle of teams with winning records in a league where everyone seems to be at .500.  The Strikes knocked off the Wet Bandits last week in a big win for them.  Pauly Ringwald will be faced with lots of questions about his rumored BoPo move to the Cheddars.  HHH is just happy to be bowling again after a bye week.  Clubhouse chatter indicates that Double Cheese may dress as Precious for Halloween.

Holy Rollers (3-3) -3 vs Eskimo Sistas (2-4):  Alilujah and her top bowler Precious (and her other bowler Shithawk) just announced they are moving their BoPo franchise to Thursdays.  Seems they’re enjoying themselves.  The Sistas are unpredictable.  To paraphrase Shawshank, the Sistas will keep at you, sometimes you’ll fight them off, sometimes you won’t.

Wet Bandits (5-2) -3 vs Bustas (2-4):  Good chance that this game features the least dancing, but also some of the best bowling.  The Bandits are still in 1st after a surprise loss last week and Stevie is running away the top average.  Bustah and South Paw are capable of huge scores every night and have the potential to pull the upset, particularly if Bijou Lowrie returns to her restaurant league and Queenshit form.

Late Games

Prestige Worldwide (3-3) -1 vs Dick’s Pick’s Vol. III (4-3):  I may be underestimating the absence of PB&J, but I still think Prestige wins this one against a team that will fight, but fail, to keep up with them in the partying.   Dick can keep up with anyone in the league but for Prestige the ‘getting loose’ is a teamwide specialty.  Will Bowldemort throw a few back and start kissing his biceps too? I don’t see it.  Roadhouse and Bowldemort get top points, and Prestige backdoors its way to an 8-7 win.

Clam Hands Mafia (2-5) -1 vs G-Boys (2-5): The Hands should be missing Cookie who is on tour with whatever band will play for a few shows somewhere nice.  Old Thumper will be called upon to fill the gap, and a motivated Dill could be bowling hard.  Steff Infection and Sasha could play major roles in this one too against a G-Boys squad used to missing a top player in the suspended Dude Jr.  Last week they won a nailbiter behind big nights from Lala and Mr. Mayor and the continued steady hand of Gutterboi.  The loser probably only has the play-in left as a hope for postseason.

In-N-Out Bowlers (3-3) -3 vs Shatner Face (2-4):  Steve “The Professor” McQueen roared back to life with three 200 games last week to rob Space “Gilligan” Farmer of his team lead, but it was all for not in yet another 8-7 loss.  The crew gets Honey “Ginger” Bunny back tonight ande should recover for a W if they ever get off that god forsaken island.  Shatner Face hasn’t had much to cheer about this year but a won tonight puts them right back in the thick of things.  Walter is due, and if Walter doesn’t dress as Walter tonight it would be a shame.  He has buddies who died face down in the muck.

SODA (4-2) -1 vs Tsonami (3-4): SODA! SODA! SODA! as Diesel’s crew hopes to torpedo the Tsos in the harbor.  Deez and the Yay-Boys will have their hands full against Tso and his finally-arrived top choice Oz, but they have been finding ways to win while the Tsonami has started to lose velocity over the ocean.

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