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Hey all,

Lots of news to report.  First off we have five new teams joining the league, three after the vote-in.  Secondly, free agent signing period is officially open and will close on November 30th.  I need all team rosters by the 30th.  If you are a free agent and looking for a team email me and I will keep a list for Captains who are looking.  The new five teams:

Cheddar’s team: rumored teammates include Lala and Pauly Ringwald

Saw’s Team: rumored teammates include Mr. Mayor and El Hombre Durro

Brad’s Team: rumored teammates include his whole Wednesday posse and Captain Insanal

Rick Vaughn’s Team: teammates include Colucci Kid and queenshit winner Bijou Lowrie

Samsquamptch’s Team: rumored teammates include Gutterlicious


There’s that part.  Now some other big news as signing become official (and you can get up to the minute rumors at @boposkinny if you know how to twit.

Defending champs Back in Black sign Skittles away from Pinny Candy

Shifter Pawl gyrating over to TDYOB

E-Minor taking his bucket of smiles to G.O.B., and maybe bringing his brother, Wing Alex (he was a big deal in 2009)

In team news, Living on a Spare are moving to Thursdays, with one other big name Tuesday team at 50/50 to move as well


So, it’s happening.  Check in daily for team moves.  Col. Angus, I recommend you check in with your team as it may be disintegrating



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