BoPo Preseason Rankings 30-21

#30 Guacabowle (Division TBD) – Last Season: 8-4: Guacabowle showed the improvement everyone expected in 2013 after they put a playoff scare into eventual champs The Walkaways in 2012.  Sparetime and Bonita have kept it going with Draft League seasons and they are still as nice as ever.  I’m pretty sure their other guys have gotten some reps in Restaurant League so they should come out of the gate firing.

#29 Roll Another (Division – Thursday B) – Last Season 6-6: It’s getting pretty cliche for me to talk about how Roll Another has been in the league for 7 years but noone knows who they are still.  People recognize the names, Uncle Buck, The Package, Chupacapbra, but struggle to put names to faces.  Last year was the classic Roll season, quietly going exactly .500.  I think they’ll do it again.

#28 DGUTS (Division – Tuesday B) – Last Season: 4-8: D-GUTS is made up almost entirely of the roster of Media League team WJAB.  The Big Jab has defied expectations to reach the Media Finals again this season, so maybe they could be a little feisty in BoPo this year.  Old Thumper has been rolling well in Draft and should start the season as the DGUTS #1, taking some pressure off Cap’n Collection (or conversely adding pressure on him to reclaim his top spot).  These guys practice, and that alone moves them up these rankings.

#27 Wrecking Balls (Division – Tuesday B) – Last Season: 7-5: The Wreck is moving to Tuesday night to play on the same night as the rest of the Mitchells.  They didn’t add much in free agency, but they did trim down to a leaner team with Swing and Swanny returning, and Dude Jr. gives them a home run threat.  The Dude has also shown some promise in Draft League with his Berserk ball, and may have a winner on his hands that could scare some teams in the playoffs.

#26 My Balls (Division – Tuesday B) – Last Season 6-6:  Just this afternoon Balls Captain Barry Violet made his first splash in the free agent market signing the famous yet mysterious Wej.  He will have some high expectations what with that 300 brick.  My Balls player Big Red is also on the board this week as top scoring woman.  Barry’s got some talent assembled here, and he’ll want some wins to justify his one hour bowling commute.

#25 DHD/Tequila Mockingbird/White Whale/Clockwork Oranges/? (Division – Thursday B) – Last Season:8-4: What will the name be this year?  War and Pizza? Huckleberry Pins?  Whatever it is they’ll be led by the surprising Ishmael (though his name may change too) who has been lights out in Draft League.  Riggs will assemble an interesting crew as always,a nd the league will hope against hope for a return of Harlyn P and Jeltz from this franchise’s glory years.

#24 Happy Hands Productions (Division – Thursday B) – Last Season: 9-3: Happy Hands shocked everyone last year by winning 9 games and taking home the Thursday B title.  I’ll start them this season as the preseason favorites to repeat.  The Munja nd Sasha Northfield have been polishing their skills in Draft League, Lance Cocksure has been practicing here and there, and we haven’t even mentioned Marv Gomez.  They’ll be strong on Thursdays.

#23 ICBING (Division – Tuesday B) – Last Season 7-5:  These guys probably could fare quite well in Thursday A but they like being in B.  They also like shots and lead the league as a team in shots consumed.  Peanut Gutter and Fabio are perhaps the best 1-2 punch in B, and they’ve added some excellent drinkers from the free agent market.  Two Dogs F’ing has changed his name to Road Beef.

#22 Three Livers (Division – Tuesday B) – Last Season 6-6: Much love to this Original squad entering their seventh BoPo season.  Bernie, Pearl and Wilma are all old school crew, but last season they added a young gun in Larry who made a name for himself with a late season surge of 200s and an excellent showdown with Oolie in the Sunday Shootout.  They got better throughout the season last year and if they can get off to a faster start they could contend for the Tuesday B title this time out.

#21 Incredibowls (Division – Tuesday B) – Last Season 9-3: Another team with a Media League background.  Boston has his WGME team back in the Media Finals looking for a repeat title.  They’ll bring back Sweet Baby Lou and the God of Thunder. Boston would love to add a Tuesday B title to his trophy case, and with UREA and Saucy Posse moving up to Thursday A and Tuesday A respectively, they’ll be the favorites to do just that.



That’s it for B division teams and gets us down to the Top 20.  Tomorrow will be Draft League playoff writeups.  I’ll probably get back to previews on Sunday or Monday.

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