Bowlers Of The Week

Usually I will do email interviews with the bowlers of the week, but I didn’t want to let the excellent bowling of Week 1 slip by unnoticed.  The award will not always go to the bowlers with the highest score – it could be for clutch games, improvement, whatever – but in week 1 the winners are obvious.

A Division

Mr. Pickles – Guns of Brighton: The whole GOB team came out firing in their opening night, but no one more so than Pickles.  We will see lots of big scores on this pattern, but rolling a 289 is still an attention grabber.  Great game and great night.

B Division

Spidey – Incredibowls: I did mention in the lines that Spidey is one of only two bowlers at Bayside to roll an 800 series.  Well he made his BoPo debut by starting with 8 straight strikes.  He also finished with a 230+ average, and then in a game that doesn’t count for average got his team a win in a bowloff.  Hard to have a better league debut than that.

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