Ok, now we’re all on the same page.  Everyone has one game and this week we have BoPo action Tuesday and Thursday.  Any opinions we formed in week one can quickly be changed or erased with an opposite result in Week 2.  If someone stays hot, or cold, then you at least have the seeds of a trend.

Not many upsets on Tuesday last week, but the real surprise was the strength of some of the B teams.  Maybe this year a B team could make a deep run in the tourney – that would be really cool.

Oh and Friday night games start this week too. Practice for those games starts at 5:30.  The matchups this week are:

Tue B #12 Cape Fear (1-0) vs Snakes on a Lane (0-1) and Thurs B Guacabowle (1-0) vs 5 O’Clocks (0-1)

Game of The Night

LATE #10 Binga’s (0-1) -1 vs #4 Off Constantly (1-0): This a a classic matchup of original franchises.  Between them they have half the banners.  They were always the classic rivals in terms of style, the letter jackets vs the dreadlocks.  This year they both have strong teams.  OC is having to adjust to the reality that they will in fact be losing McQueen after week 3.  They should have a very relaxed Oz and Honey Bunny back this week, in addition to a Tron on a mission.  Binga’s saw a 7-3 lead slip away in week 1 and face a brutal starting schedule (S.O.D. and B.I.B. are their next two games).  They’d like to get a win now before it becomes a thing.  They have the rollers to do it if they can find the magical confluence of focused and chill.

Early Games

Three Livers (0-1) -1 vs Wrecking Balls (0-1):  A couple of teams I picked to win are facing off at 0-1.  These guys are old school as well, another 7 year old rivalry.  I seem to remember Three Livers having the upper hand and that vague and possibly incorrect memory is setting this line.  Dude looked solid in week 1, and Ramona seems to have improved her game.  Three Livers’ Larry may take a few weeks to warm up but he showed at the end of last year what he’s capable of.  Bernie is still bringing the original BoPo party.

#5 Strikes of Hazzard (1-0) -5 vs Nutz (0-1):  Strikes of Hazzard has an excellent team but still seem somewhat surprised by it.  They made the quarters last year, and added a Top Dawg caliber free agent, but when they rallied from 7-3 to win their opener over Binga’s they  looked genuinely surprised (and very happy). That’s probably a good place to be mentally, they’ll start adapting soon enough to being heavy favorites in games.  The Nutz got a typically strong week from Bustah but ultimately got worn down by Yahtzee’s depth last week.  They’ll try to sneak up on Hazzard in this one.

#11 Body English (0-1) -3 vs Saucy Posse (0-1): Both teams got smacked around in week 1.  SauPo ran into a SOD buzzsaw and, like any other team would have, got run over.  Body English never put even a slight run together in the process of getting demolished by BIB.  BEER and SauPo have a combined 1 point after week 1, that’s about as bad as it gets.  Wing Sauce looks like a good addition, and BEER gets Hacksaw back.

Ball That (0-1) -1 vs No Eye Deer (1-0): Squampch’s Ball That squad rolled a pretty impressive 590 team average without him around in week 1.  Now he’ll have to keep up with them.  Steveweiser already has a 200.  No Eye Deer had a slightly easier matchup and took full advantage with a 14-1 win to top B Division for the week.  Interestingly top NEDder Dirty Sylon has the exact same average as Steveweiser.

Late Games

Incredibowls (1-0) -1 vs My Balls (1-0): Incredibowls’ Bowler of the Week winner Spidey will try to prove week 1 was no fluke.  He’s got some cushion in his score with that crazy 233 average start.  Ne Captain God of Thunder also rolled well and these guys seem like a B team that could flirt with the top 15.  My Balls have the potential to knock them off, though.  They took care of business in the opener and maybe Wej makes his debut this week.  Big Red and Barry V will try to carry the load with DC Lane tied up with the city council.  Forget Livable – Keep Portland Bowlable is what I say.

#1 Back In Black (1-0) -3 vs # 7 Yahtzee! (1-0):  Long time rivals Stevie Strikes and Cheddar are actually going to bowl 2 on 2 together this year.  That should make this matchup a bit more friendly than otherwise, but it will be hotly contested on the lanes.  Yahtzee has the pieces to compete in this match, whether or not Bowldemort shows. That said BIB is completely back and have three guys who are probably going to average 200 to go with improved women.  If they are going to lose at all it will be on a rare night when everyone on their opponent clicks at the same time.  It could happen any game, but I’m not betting on it.

BILFs (0-1) -3 vs Splits Happen (0-1):  The BILFs almost survived a record night from Spidey’s Incredibowls, making it to a bowloff before falling.  They’ll be the favorites in this one over Xander’s Splits.  The Spilts are used to being underdogs and wona  bunch of game sin that role last year.  They’ll try to renew that habit.

#2 Sons of Danarchy (1-0) -7 vs Turkey Club: It doesn’t get any easier for the Club as now they face the league’s hottest starting team.  They are adding an all-star caliber free agent to replace Herk – they aren’t ready to be irrelevant – but I think it will take some time for the new group to mesh.  I mean this new guy doesn’t even live with them yet.  SOD will have to stay motivated now that they are getting the top rankings again.  They all rolled great last week and are a well rounded team who’s 740 average could very well stay in the 700’s.  They’ll put the beatdown on their T-Club pals.



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