Schedule Change and Friday Lines

The Pinups vs Three Livers game originally scheduled for next Friday has been moved back to Tuesday (1/21) at 8pm.  Regular night.

Tuesday B: Cape Fear (1-0) -7 vs Snakes on A Lane (0-1): This Tuesday B matchup looks like it could be a blowout.  Cape Fear may be in B but they had three seperate guys roll a 200 game in their opener.  Southpaw could keep that up and make an all-star run.  Captain Bacon is the way too early leader for Captain of the Year for rebuilding this team after losing her two top rollers in a way that makes them competitive but still fun.  Snakes got off to a much rockier start in their move to Tuesday, but maybe playong on Friday will give them a different feel.  Plus they should at least have their captain back this year.

Thursday B: Guacabowle (1-0) -3 vs Five O’Clocks (0-1):  Guacabowle finds ways to win.  They eked out an opening night victory and look like they should get to 2-0 after this matchup.  Now Sparetime just has to pay his team fee.  The 5 O’s were noticeably uncomfortable being favorites in their first game.  Now they are back in the more familiar role of underdog.  Plus, sweet sweatshirts.

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