Bowlers of the Week

A Division

E-Minor, Guns of Brighton:  Back to back weeks for GOBbers.  E-Minor had a 235 in his first game, the highest score of any Thursday roller, and moved into first place in the Top Dawg competition with a very solid 212 average through two weeks.  He’s showing the consistency he has shown in practice (though not in beer frame).  Nice start for E-Minor and his team, he may even smile.

B Division

Burt The Bandit, No Eye Deer: What is it about No-Eye-Deer and bowloffs?  Shifter had an amazing record when he was there and led the league in bowloff wins.  With no Shifter the NEDs went with their hottest hand for Tuesday night’s rolloff against Ball That.  Dirty Sylon looked like the choice on paper, but Burt had just had a couple decent games in the 170s.  In the bowloff it was all Twinkle Toes for 7 frames, and Burt was sitting on a humiliating 71.  Then magic happened.  Burt rolled rolled two brooklyns in the 8th and 9th to stay alive.  Coming into the 10th he needed two more strikes, and brooklyn was open again two more times.  Four straight to turn a 71 through 7 into a 158 and a win for NED. Nice work Burt.


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