Ok, so three weeks, three bowloffs for Tuesday.  Your turn Thursday, step it up!

Friday Night Strikes game: #14  Young & Bowled (0-2) -1 vs Bowled and Beautiful (1-1):  Soap opera battle!  Expect drama.

Game of the Night

#6 Leisure Rolls (2-0) -1 vs #5 Still L.O.S. (2-0): Double Cheese just told me Precious is missing this one.  That, combined with the Leisure Rolls wanting the win way more equals this line.  The Rolls are playing with something to prove and are hoping to upset the old balance of power.  While LOS doesn’t have any titles they do represent that old balance.  Well, in some ways.  In other ways they are the interlopers on Thursdays.  Leisure Rolls know no other night.  Not sure who the rest of Thursday is cheering for in this one, really.  Regardless it should be a great game Cheese and Stiffy will try to soldier on without the (other) big guy.  The Rolls probably won’t let that happen.

Early Games

Slaughterhouse Seven (1-1) -7 vs Bad News Spares (0-1):  The 7 made a nice comeback last week after losing their opener.  New captain Coco Lopez is tearing it up and looks like a shoo-in for the allstar game.  The Bad News Spares don’t concern themselves with things like allstar games.  They are just here to roll.

Roll Another (2-0) -3 vs I.B.S. (2-0):  Well this is a battle of unbeatens that not many saw coming.  I.B.S. is enjoying a renaissance after a winless 2013.  Roll Another had some success last year but have shown signs of making this the banner year for the franchise with a real shot at a B division title.  Good game, but Uncle Buck and The Package have the edge right now.

Bowlderdash (1-1) -3 vs Lesbowlians (0-2): This rivalry goes way back and to date it’s been all Bowlderdash.  I’m not sure I see that changing in this one.  It’s possible, though….Stayfree of the Lesbowlians is the highest ranked bowler (#61) entering the match for either team.  Carrie Okay is having a nice year for Bowlderdash, but where’s Dombomb?  Guess they’ll need to rely more on Fried Bowlogna.

Late Games

Granola Bowlahs (1-0) -5 vs Five O’Clocks (0-2):  The 5 O’s are coming off the first ever BoPo Friday night game, and now they’re hoping for a little better luck in the comfortable confines of Thursday.  They’ll need it against a Granola squad that is fired up and may even sport new team shirts. Bijou Lowry (reigning Queenshit) looks like the real deal and just invested in a new ball, too.  Look out league.

#14 Happy Hands (2-0) -1 vs Guacabowle (2-0): Great matchup here at the top of the B Division.  Guacabowle picked up a Friday night win and are eager to test their mettle against the defending champs.  Happy Hands is showing no signs of slowing down in their title defense.  This should be a great battle.  My bowloff pick of the night.

#13 BUI (1-1) -1 vs Cunning Linguists (0-2): The Linguists played much better last week but still fell to 0-2 with an 8-7 loss.  BUI couldn’t carry their momentum forward from the Yay win and fell to LOS, but are still in the rankings.  They have a little more going on for them right now.  I think they win in a nailbiter.

UREA! (1-1) -1 vs TDYOB (0-2): Is Shifter back?  The Borkers need him to battle his old lady as Steff Infection has been rolling well.  TDYOB got two great games from Munson in their loss last week but have been prone to the really bad score.  UREA! will jump all over those mistakes as they are very consistent and pick up all the low points.  I’ll take J-Bird’s Yellow Folks to overcome the booms, not to be confused with the yellowfolks Space Farmer overcomes on boomers.

Pinny Candy (1-1) -1 vs Lovernauts (0-2): As I write this a Lovernauter (Slugga)  is in here practicing with the new ball he jsut got.  These guys are still game and not too affected by their 0-2 start.  Last week they got a great lift from the return of team legend Ichy Love – not sure if that was a one off or she’ll be a regular again.  Pinny Candy got a lot more help last week without a blizzard keeping away their bowlers from Presque Isle and Rumford and such.  They have a big roster and it will be interesting each week to see how they use it.  I think they’ll pull this one out.







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