Short Lines

On paper this doesn’t look like a week with a lot of great matchups.  That said Tuesday has had a bowloff each week so maybe that will happen again.  I’ll do some short takes on the games.  One big note, Pinups vs Three Livers is tonight at 8, not on Friday.

Game of the Night

#8 Cape Fear (2-0) -3 vs My Balls (2-0):  Amazingly enough this is the only matchup of undefeated teams even though we’ve only played two weeks.  Cape Fear is making a mockery of being placed in B division, and are only two pins away from having the 7th best average in the entire league.  Southpaw is looking like an all star but he has plenty of help around him.  My Balls survived last week with an 8-7 win with Wej showing he could be a big signing, rolling a 200+ in game three to hold off the Incredibowls.  They should have their whole team tonight and would love to pull the upset and take hold of first place.

Early Games

Wrecking Balls (0-2) -3 vs Snakes On A Lane (0-2): A couple of teams looking for their first win.  Wrecking Balls have faced a tougher schedule and have a 70 pin higher average.  I’ll pick them to win over a Snakes team that is really struggling to get their game going.

#10 Body English (1-1) -3 vs Nutz (0-2): Hacksaw will make his BEER debut tonight which should be an emotional lift for a team with only one bowler, Natro, bowling well.  The Nutz have Bustah bowling well and hope Herbie isn’t suffering a tropical island hangover.

No Eye Deer (2-0) -5 vs Splits Happen (0-2): Burt The Bandit looks to follow up on his Bowler of the Week honors and help NED get out to a nice 3-0 start.  Splits may struggle to get to three wins all season, but they are having a good time and will keep taking their shots.

Late Games

Ball That (0-2) -1 vs Incredibowls (1-1):  These two teams have been involved in close games and are better than their combined 1-3 records indicate.  Incredibowls have a bowloff win and an 8-7 loss.  Ball That is also coming off a bowloff loss in which their bolwer had a big lead.  Both teams have strong averages for B division and should be competitive, but this game means a bit more to a winless Ball That squad.  Could be another bowloff.

#11 Off Constantly (1-1) -3 vs Saucy Posse (0-2):  OC’s loss last week, combined with McQueen’s struggles and imminent departure, sent them plummeting from #4 to #11 and probably made Tango happy.  They should be able to get things back on track against a struggling SauPo squad.  Wing Sauce has been a good addition for the Posse but Walter and Hot Sauce need to represent the family tonight for SauPo to schock the league.

BILFs (1-1) -3 vs ICBING (1-0): The BILFs rebounded from a week one bowloff loss with an easy win last week.  Now they try to build on it and get off to a rare winning start for the franchise. ICBING had the week off and probably concocted some new shot ideas that they’ll want pitchers of.

#4 Strikes of Hazzard (2-0) -5 vs Turkey Club (0-2): Deputy may feel bad about his Turkey Club fling, now that he sees the Club floundering, and not throw his best.  Then again he probably feels pretty good realizing he avoided a sinking ship and stayed on a championship contender.  The Club should be motivated, and maybe they’ve added that new guy from Yankee they were rumored to be signing.  The odds are long for them, but Dalton overcame longer odds in some of those bar fights.

#2 Sons of Danarchy (2-0) -3 vs #9 Binga’s (1-1): Binga’s rallied for a win last week which may remove some pressure and give them some confidence against SOD.  After two weeks Hot Mango Mike is the surprise top average for the folks in yellow.  SOD is led by Diesel who has been playing his best ever, but the other five bowlers on his team are all bowling well too.  This team is deep and looking for a championship.  They should be able to move to 3-0 tonight.

Three Livers (1-1) -1 vs Pinups (1-0): This game got moved from Friday.  That’s good for the Pinups who have already had to wait 14 days between games.  Silky Pete had an amazing start and hopes to hold on to that average.  That said I like Three Livers in this one as they are starting to heat up.  Look for a throwback night of Wilma going big, Bernie screaming and Three Livers partying to a victory in this old school rivalry against Big Ern.


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