Two weeks left before the all-star cutoff.  Nine games minimum by Feb 28th to qualify, top 12 guys and 8 girls from each night make the event which is Monday, March 10.  Now, back to Tuesday teams on Tuesday, though I should really let Shithawk write these since he owned me on the smack board.  Oolie even chimed in as Shithawk’s  Chester the Terrier…”yeah, Spike!

Game Of The Week

(early) #11 My Balls (5-0) -1 vs ICBING (4-1): Cape Fear may have the best average but this match is for first place in Tuesday B.  ICBING is coming off a huge Friday night performance.  Fabio’s 237 paced them to a 730 something in game one and they followed it up with a game in the high 600s.  My Balls may have a little trouble matching that with Wej out, but they are getting big scores from Big Red and they keep winning.  I’ll take them in a close one.

Early Games

Splits Happen (2-4) -1 vs Three Livers (2-3):  Three Livers hasn’t played early in a while.  Larry did start his comeback tour with some strong scores last week. Splits Happen won their game as 9 point underdogs, my worst prediction of the year.  Well I guess I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time around.

Ball That (3-2) -3 vs Wrecking Balls (1-5): Squampch’s expansion team is doing quite well in its first year and Gutterlicious is looking like an all-star.  They try to move to 4-2 against a Wreck squad that is finding ways to lose.  Their average is solid but each week something new happens to keep them out of the win column.  Tough season for Mitchells thus far.

#7 Bingas (3-2) -3 vs #15 Saucy Posse (1-4): Binga’s caught their breath on the bye week after a crazy schedule to start the eseason.  So far they’ve beat the top teams and struggled when they were expected to win.  This is a great matchup and could take a while to complete.  Wing Sauce won a BoPo title as a Binga and is now giving SauPo a huge boost and he would love to stick it to his old franchise.  SauPo got some confidence back with a win, and are bowling well right now.  Should be a battle – lucky for Binga’s Chernobylayne is killing it right now.

Late Games

#7 Strikes of Hazzard (4-1) -5 vs BEER (1-4): The Strikes let one get away last week after benching their top guns up 7-3.  They won’t make that mistake twice in a row.  BEER would be psyched to make it to game 3 only down 7-3.  “Corrupt as hell” Hungus continues his humiliation tour through the league and folks are loving their chance at revenge and kicking BEER while they’re down.  The rest of the team will need to play well to overcome their anchor.

#1 Back In Black (4-1) -3 vs #14 Turkey Club (2-4):  BIB made a big statement with a dominant win over GOB.  Skippy Strikes had a fine debut and if he can squeeze in 6 more games like that in the next two weeks could find himself in the all-star game.  The Club has rebounded nicely and Tango is returning bowler of the week.  This is a tall task for them but they are bowling well enough to make this a very exciting game.

Cape Fear (4-2) -7 vs Pinups (2-3): This one’s looking like a mismatch on paper, but Cape Fear was a 9 point favorite last week and lost so anything’s possible.  Southpaw continues his push to make the allstar game as a rookie and his team continues to have the top average in B division.  The Pinups need to do whatever they did in week one to recapture those kinds of scores.  It will take some masterful captaining from the unretired Captain Big Ern.

#5 Off Constantly (4-1) -5 vs  #10 Nutz (3-3): Tough timing for the Nutz with Bustah still bowling in Hawaii.  Peanut would have loved to take down Nuber’s squad but her charges may be outmatched with their #1 gone. The OC boys will have to readjust to having girls around after last week’s man-dance.  Dick Liquor still holding onto an all-star spot, with Honey Bunny and Oz within reach with some big games.

No Eye Deer (4-2) -1 vs BILFs (2-3):  NED lost a close one last week and I think that makes three or four of their games that have been 8-7 or tied.  That’s cool – close games are what we’re looking for, and bowloffs are the ultimate prize for watching a regular season match.  The BILFs are coming off a bye week – quick stat, teams coming off bye weeks are 9-9.  You know what that means!  Yeah, me neither.



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