Well only two early games tonight, which means a full 12 lane BoPo scene late, which is always fun.  Plus no blizzard!  Go outside and enjoy this gorgeous day and then bowl like champions tonight.

Game of the Night

Late: I.B.S. (5-1) -1 vs Guacabowle (3-3):  Why not?  I have a feeling this game will be really close and really fun.  Every time I’ve picked Guac to win they fail to put up much of a fight, but since I’m picking them to lose… As For I.B.S. it’s been a great turnaround story for their 1st half of the season.  While we haven’t yet instituted Wut What’s great ‘service night’ idea he continues to be a good conscience barometer for the league, and Oolie has returned to the smack board in multiple forms.  There aren’t a ton of juicy matchups this week so let’s shine the light on these guys: cool teams who are really enjoying BoPo and should have a tight, friendly match.

Early Games

#2 Guns of Brighton (4-1) -7 vs BUI (1-5): Well this one doesn’t look like a thriller but stranger things have happened.  GOB is looking to rebound from a tough loss in their showdown with BIB.  They still have the top average in the league and look to get back on track and rebuild their confidence.  BUI has been mired in a bit of a slump.  Now they start the 2nd half of their season with a brutal matchup.  Hey, if there was ever a good time for a breakout game…

#4 Living On A Spare (5-1) -7 vs UREA! (1-4): Another mismatch on paper.  LOS is back to winning and are all fired up about things these days.  They’ll have to keep that fire even though they are playing a really nice team and one they should handle.  Cheese and Precious will renew their battle for 3rd while keeping an eye on #1 and #2 on the lanes next to them.  UREA! is struggling a bit in their leap up to A, but they did come within a bowloff of a big win in their last game.  T-$ had a big night to get himself back in all-star contention, and Steff Infection is also currently just in the all-star game.  They’ll need their top game to keep it close.

Late Games

#13 Roll Another (5-0) -3 vs Bowlderdash (2-3): With My Balls loss on Tuesday, Roll Another is the last B team on either night with an unblemished record.  They’re favored in this one too.  Hard to point to any one reason they keep winning but they just seem to get the job done.  Bowlderdash would love to knock them off and have been known to rise up in big games.  Michael Bowlton will need to work some magic to make that happen.

Bowled & Beautiful (2-4) – 1 vs Yay? (2-3): No idea what to make of this game.  The teams have almost identical averages, they both have losing records but have played well and been in every game.  Yay? has had time to fully digest their roster shakeup but their only girl, Mona (who was rolling really well) has a bad back.  Ultimately it’s that injury that leads me to this line.  B&B has had different leaders each week- Mr. Mayor, Dr. Pheelgood, Prof. Billy James.  I think they’ll get it done against shorthanded Yay?

Pinny Candy (1-4) -5 vs Bad News Spares (0-4): The Spares missed last week due to the blizzard so they should be hungry to bowl.  Pinny Candy has lost four straight after an opening night victory so they should be hungry to win.  I’ll give Pinny Candy the edge here and it looks like the Spares will extend their losing streak to 18.  That said, I don’t think they care at all and it’s a testament to them that they are having as a good a time now as ever.  Wins are overrated.

Lovernauts (4-2) -5 vs 5 O’Clocks (0-5): The ‘Nauts are having a sneaky good season and still have their eyes on 1st place.  They should continue their climb to the top with a win over the 5 O’s in what should be a love fest.  These teams used to be linked and though the Ichy-less ‘Nauts are a new roster the old camraderie still exists.  The 5 O’s did finally get Tha Ruckus back and having him around should help the team turn things around eventually, or at least have ever more elaborate handshakes.

#2 Leisure Rolls (5-0) -3 vs #12 Young & The Bowled (3-3): This game was a late switch to the late shift and probably should be game of the week.  The Rolls had a huge comeback win over Hazzard last week to stay undefeated and move to #2.  Magic just won his 23rd Wednesday night championship last night (probably only the 11th for Insanal and Space Cadet).  They are cruising right now.  They shouldn’t look past Y&B though.  These guys are known to rise up and take down favorites.  They have two likely all-stars in Pistol Pete and Senator ITZ and are getting strong play from The Cleaner and Nugget.  They could definitely stay in this game and if it reaches a bowloff Pistol Pete is battle tested.



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