All-Star Info

Teams are set – I will check in with folks to see if they can attend throughout the week

Thursday Men: Mr. Pickles, E-Minor, Jon Moon – G.O.B.; Precious, Double Cheese, Mr. Stiffy – L.O.S.; T-$ – UREA; Pistol Pete – Y&B; Shifter Pawl – TDYOB; Billy James- B&B; Gatch, Magic – Leisure Rolls

Thursday Women: Bijou Lowry – Granola (can’t attend); La Gatita – Linguists; Coco Lopez – S7; Seatown, Hootie – GOB; Nugget – Y&B; Space Cadet, -Leisure; Mona Laudley – Yay?; Steff Infection – UREA!

Tuesday Men: Stevie Strikes, Gutterboy – BIB; Sparkles, Cheddar – Yahtzee; General Lee – Hazzard; Busta – Nutz; Jamaican Jerk – Bingas; Tango, Big Rig – XXX Club; Dick Liquor – OC; Spidey – Incredibowls; Southpaw – Cape FEAR

Tuesday Women: Valley Gurl, McStriker – SOD; Skittles, Gutterboys Mom – BIB; Chernobylayne – Bingas; Slow Roll – Beer (can’t attend); Big Red – My Balls (can’t attend); Gutterlicious – ball That; (miz tizdale was first alternate and can’t attend); Honey Bunny – OC; (next up as replacement is Wilma)

3 thoughts on “All-Star Info

  1. The All-Stars really should have been the top 25 men, that way I would have got in with my 166.4. I mean, shit, with my new ball, I should be able to bring this up to a 166.5, which technically, if you round up, makes me a 167 guy. For a 167 guy to not make the All-Stars is a joke. I’m practically the best bowler in the place, and everyone knows, my average is only because I’m focused on drinking a few beers and having a few laughs with people who pretend to be my friends. And lets forget the fact that I’m rolling a 159.8 in 2v2. If you round this up, that still means I’m a 160 guy. Can’t we have BoPo go the way of youth athletics where everyone gets a trophy?

    1. I thought we weren’t posting under each other’s names. As a former All-Star last year 177.1 average let me congratulate this years crop. With offseason knee surgery just wasn’t able to get back in form, but there is a lot of time left. If you think I care about 2 v 2 you are kidding yourself. BoPo is the only league that counts jack!

      Pretend to be my friends, ha ha, that’s a laugh, I’m all set on the friend front. Seems like someone needs a mirror, sound pretty insecure in the post above.

      Roll Bork!

      1. Also with that new ball it went from 163 to 166 in a night, expect more of that as TDYOB makes another run!

        Roll Bork!

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