Crossover 2: Electric Bowlaloo

So B crossovers are done, and it was significantly closer than last years 24-6.  This year Tuesday B took it 8-4.

Now it’s week 2 of A crossovers, and Tuesday has a 7-3 lead. Only three early games, and then the always fun “12 lanes of BoPo” late

Game of the night (late)

(TU) #4 Yahtzee (5-2) -3 vs (TH) #5 Leisure Rolls (6-1): A match with five all-stars and two top 5 teams leads things off.  Sparkles has been skyrocketing up the standings to  6th overall and the steady Cheddar is right behind him as Yahtzee starts piling up wins.  Leisure lost for the first time last week but now are staring at a possible 2 game losing streak with this brutal matchup.  Magic snagged the last Thursday all-star spot and hopes to show why in this one, but it will be a serious uphill climb against one of the hotter teams in BoPo right now.

Early Games

Pinups (3-4) -3 vs Snakes on a Lane (0-7): The Pinups get their second straight winless opponent.  They took advantage last week with a 15-0 win and if they do it again they’ll amazingly enough find themselves at .500.  This may be the best chance the Snakes have to break the streak – they are still winless but their scores have been gradually climbing.

(TU) #11 Turkey Club (2-5) -3 vs (TH) #12 Bowled & Beautiful (3-4): This could be a pretty good matchup, or XX Club could cruise.  Tango and Big Rig made all-stars (and Roadhouse is 1st alternate if anyone drops out).  They have been bowling better lately despite the 2-5 record.  Crossover wins are going to be big for Tuesday A teams at the bottom looking to avoid the Sunday Shootout.  B&B are having a fine 1st season and Billy James (1st time all-star as a rookie) is one of the hottest bowlers at the lanes these days.  Looking forward to seeing how this one unfolds, but I’ll play the averages and bet on Tuesday.

Cape Fear (5-3) -3 vs Three Livers (4-3): Cape is impossible to figure out.  They have the best average in B but still have three losses.  Southpaw is an all-star putting up big numbers but still seems grumpy.  Lots of paradoxes.  They should win here, but they are coming off a 13-2 loss in a game they should have won last week.  Three Livers could be up for the challenge – they are representing the Old School, plus throwing in a little Larry to boost them.  Plus Wilma is an all-star!

Late Games

(TU) #3 Bingas (6-2) -3 vs (TH) UREA! (1-6): I said in the preseason write ups that this would be a return to the top type of year for Binga’s and they are proving me right.  Jerk got off to a slow start but has rounded back into form, and the rest of the team has been excellent. They have beaten the #1 team in the league plus their old-school rivals OC and BEER, they only seem to struggle against teams they are heavily favored against.  That gives UREA! a shot, but UREA! keeps coming close and losing out.  They lost a bowloff to Y&B then an 8-7 heartbreaker to LOS.  They are bowling better, especially T-$, but just falling short.  This one could be a repeat of that formula.

(TU) #14 Nutz (3-5) -1 vs (TH) Linguists (2-5): This could end up being a close one.  La Ga will have to battle Busta hanging close enough for the overall to be in question.  Col. Angus really needs a breakout game – he used to have them every so often but this year hasn’t really clicked.  The whole Nutz crew has been solid and Peanut is strong having bowled every game this year.  Wildcard could be the wildcard.

Incredibowls (5-2) -1 vs ICBING (6-1): I don’t know why I can’t believe in ICBING yet.  They don’t do kamikaze pitchers anymore and are subsequently 6-1, but I can’t shake images of their 2013 game threes where a 500 (and not falling down) was an accomplishment.  So I’ll take Incredibowls.  They are hungry, Spidey made the all-star game, and a win makes for a much more exciting race for Tuesday B title.

Ball That (5-2) -3 vs BILFs (3-4): Ball That is also still in the hunt for the Tuesday B crown, and Gutterlicious made the all-star team.  Not bad for an expansion squad.  The BILFs got a nice confidence boost last week and some new guy rolled a 236 for them.  Too bad he missed the playoff cutoff but he could certainly push them toward a better seed.  Or maybe it was a fluke.

(TU) Saucy Posse (2-5) -3 vs (TH) BUI (1-6): SauPo has some momentum and now has a good chance to get out of the basement.  No all-stars but Wing Sauce and Walter are starting to post big numbers more often.  BUI is struggling to find their rhythm after the Snapshot injury.  This game is within their reach if they pull it together, and they could really use the win.




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