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Believe it or not there are only 4 more weeks in the regular season.  For a lot of teams byes mean only three games left.  Only Beerframe Mafia has clinched a playoff spot, and while no one has officially been eliminated we are getting close.

Early Games

#5 Loud Noises (5-2) -5 vs Hexy’s Hooligans (1-6):  Both teams are reeling, but Loud Noises’ two game losing streak still has them tied for first while the Hooligan’s are pretty much one loss from elimination.  Walter rolled well today, and Jon Moon has shown some signs of life, plus Coco Lopez is a big game bowler.  That said I just can’t see them knocking off Dep and crew.  Look for the Noise to be brought.

#6 Team Skittles (4-2) -1 vs Taint Punch (3-3):  The Taints have a twenty pin higher average than their opponents in this one but hard to bet against Team Skittles right now.  Any analysis of the bowling is probably pointless, just going with the gut here.  Sparkles is a legit top dawg candidate, and I ‘m guessing he gets enough help to overcome Tango and Spidey.

#2 Three Finger Surprise (4-2) -1 vs Big Whoop (3-3):  Big win for Big Whoop last week while their Captain is still out recovering from scooter-finger.  The win got them a little breathing room but a loss here and they’ll be back to looking over their shoulder.  Cheese is probably ready to make a move after watching his two BoPop teammates dominate the stats page so far, but he’ll face Jerk who is also trying to get back in the conversation at the top of the leaderboard.  Tso has been picking up steam, and Chernobes has the edge over Clarified if she has to bowl all three.  I like this game a lot.  Dude  and Burt (currently practicing at 1045 on Wednesday night) are sneaky.

Ball Jam (4-3) -1 vs #3 Dick’s Picks Vol. IV (5-2): Upset alert!  Well, not a huge upset as before last week Ball Jam was ranked and Dick’s wasn’t  The Jammers are bringing their full squad and that means energy.  Shifter is fresh off the boat and Dr. McNasty is ready to operate in his battle with Queen Bee.  Dick’s is coming off a win, has an MVP candidate in Mr. Stiffy and is in first but I think the West is going to finish in a logjam.  We’re all just along to fix the cable.

Late Games

#4 Point Breakers (4-2) – 5 vs Nonchalant (1-5): Rick Vaughn needs to do this himself.  Bijou has been as advertised (when around) and Cookie has done what he could, but with his team’s backs against the wall it’s up to the Captain to step up and turn thing around.  The Point Breakers have their eyes set on 1st place, and look like a strong candidate to get closer to the top with a win here.  Roadhouse bowler well in MIST, and he’s bound to start getting big scores to move his average up where it belongs.  Natro will be faced with his usual dilemma of trying to stay sober for a late game, but at least he has Friday off.

#1 Beerframe Mafia (6-0) -3 vs #Gutter (3-3): Gutterboi is probably pretty excited to get a shot at the undefeated team.  Cilantro’s crew is deep and dangerous and can withstand even Gutterboi at his best unless he has some help.  Maybe some help like the 229-279 Gutterslut rolled two weeks ago.  Rubbys and Cilantro have got a fun vibe going allowing Cheddar to just roll.  It’s a good setup that has them 6-0 but they do have a big target on their backs now.

100% Down (4-3) -1 vs E-Motion Of The Ocean (2-5):  This is a tough one.  E-Mo’s are desperate for a win, and if they get a hot start and stay positive they definitely have the ability to do it.  McQueen would likely love to say hello to his new BoPo Captain by smacking him around a little.  Down was shorthanded last week and went away pretty meekly, but this week Uncle Jesse and Luke “The Sandwich” are back for some energy and some strikes.  Sandwich is a difference maker.

Gatch Patch Kids (2-5) -1 vs Bowla Constrictors (4-3): The Constrictors have fallen on tough times after and excellent start, bottoming out with Busta’s proclamation that he hates bowling as he hurled an intentional gutterball to close out last week’s game.  They still have a solid record but seem to be a bit in the doldrums.  Gatch’s kids need a win badly so I think they’ll find a way.  Dill is bowling with extra motivation which should sharpen his focus, and Gatch likes winning a lot.





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