Crossover Week!

The first round of playoff match ups will feature all inter conference games.  East #2 will play West #7 and so on.  Tonight is our one chance to see how that night might go as the conferences get a chance to square off.  I’m predicting 5-5. Plus, it’s the last game before the election!


Oh, and Hall of Famer Johnny Petraglia will probably be in the building tonight watching a little bowling the night before the big PBA Draft tomorrow afternoon.  Free bowling expo and trick shots at 1pm, Draft at 3, see you there!  I guess we’re all Brooklyn Styles fans this week.

Early Games


#1 Beerframe Mafia (6-1) -3 vs #4 Loud Noises (6-2):  This Winter Cheddar and Deputy will be united on Yahtzee, but for tonight they’ll get a chance to go head to head and battle over BoPo alpha role (though in truth Yahtzee’er Sparkles has higher scores than both of them – that’s a scary lineup).  Both teams have good looks at top seed and bye to the quarterfinals but a loss here opens things up in the loser’s conference.  BF is coming off their first loss, I don’t think they’ll let it turn into a losing streak.


Point Breakers (4-3) -1 vs SBD (4-3): The Dead Presidents are coming off a shocking 8-7 loss to Nonchalant in a game they led 7-3.  SBD  hasn’t won a game since Oct 2nd but are still in good shape for a playoff spot.  Natro has the highest average of anyone in the match at #16, then SBD has the next two in Sloppiness and Boots who #24 and #25.  I think Roadhouse is overdue for a huge night.


#6 Bowla Constrictors (5-3) -1 vs #3 Dick’s Picks Vol. IV (6-2):  I’m going with Diesel in a slight upset.  Too much to worry about for Dick’s.  They lost Space Farmer for the season (also out for BoPo t sounds like) with a knee injury and that will rattle their chemistry.  Plus Dick will be facing Busta knowing he is joining him on OC this Winter.  Mr. Stiffy looks like the top bowler in the match but I think Bowlas bull their way to victory.


Taint Punch (3-4) -1 vs Ball Jam (4-4):  Violent assaults on the groin matchup in this one as two teams who have bounced in and out of the rankings battle it out.  Looks like a full squad for Balll Jam but that didn’t help them last week as fresh-off-the-boat Shifter was out of form and injured.  Taint Punch let one slip away last week but the Tango-Spidey combo which already looked solid got another big night from teammate Baller.  Tough to choose, but if forced I guess I’ll take Taint Punch.


100% Down (4-4) -1 vs #Gutter (4-3):  Trending – #Gutter knocked off the last unbeaten team last week,a nd only needed two games to do it.  I guess I’m counting on a letdown int his one.  100% Down has been blown out two weeks in a  row and now really need a win to feel comfortable about a playoff spot.  How will having a living legend of bowling watching the game affect things?  I think scores will be high, and the game goes down to the wire.  Of course if we really want to put on a show for our guest we should collude to guarantee a Hungus vs Gutterboy bowl off.


Late Games


#2 Three Fingered Surprise (5-2) -3 vs #5 Team Skittles (5-2): Great game here.  The Skittles’ inspired team has kept exceeding expectations, getting solid team wide bowling then lights out top scoring from Top Dawg contender Sparkles.  He’ll face multiple Top Dawg trophy holder Jamaican Jerk in a  great showdown, but Jerk’s pals look a little too strong for Tootsie and co.  Tso has been light’s out, Chernobes has been consistently Chernobes, and even the non-Binga’s on the team have been stepping up.  This team is going to be hard to stop.


Colucci’s Kids (2-5) -3 vs Hexy’s Hooligans (1-7):  Precious has the top average but his team is in danger of missing the playoffs.  He can start to fix that with a win tonight and I think his team cruises.  Hexy’s team has already been eliminated from playoff contention, and they’d probably love to pull another team out of the playoffs as a spoiler, but it will be tough.  Coco Lopez vs Steff infection should be a great matchup but unless Walter channels 2v2 Walter to hang with Precious I think the difference at the top will make the secondary match ups irrelevant.


Ebowla (2-5) -1 vs Nonchalant (2-5): It seems like Ebowla hasn’t played in weeks.  I guess if we followed the mob we should insist they stay away from the bowling alley for 21 days.  The Yay boys have been getting some better scores and they need this one to have a shot at a playoff spot.  Nonchalant picked up a miracle come from behind win (both of their wins this year they have trailed going into game 3).  They could care less about being the only team with a  sub 600 average.  Cookie and Bijou give them  fighting chance to pull this off and if they win they will amazingly still be in the playoff hunt.  A loss and they’re out so expect them to pull out all the stops.  Ebowla has a little more berthing room – a loss wouldn’t automatically eliminate them.


Big Whoop (3-4) -3 vs Gatch Patch Kids (2-6):  Do or die time for the GatchPatchers, but they face a tough assignment.  Big Whooop gets Captain and spiritual leader McStriker back from her injury (scooter-finger) and are facing an almost must win themselves.  Both face big drop-offs after their top bowlers, Cheese is #11 then the next Whooper is Dude at #47.  For GPK it’s Southpaw at #20 then Wildcard at #50.  Some likely heroes need to emerge.


It Puts The E-Motion In The Basket Or Else It Gets tThe Hose Again (3-5) -1 vs AlleyCat Strikes (3-4):  The AC Strikes’ 3-4 record looks solid in the East, but E-Mo’s team is still fighting for the lives at 3-5 in the West.  Luckily for them they have won two straight, but a loss here combined with a few other results going against them and they could be eliminated tonight.  I think that sense of urgency will push them to a third straight win.  Hopefully Johnny is still round for the start of this one so he can see Bama roll and know we have at least one guy in the league who rolls like a serious bowler.





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