Week 10

Last week for a few teams (Hexy’s Hooligans, 100% Down, E-Minority Report, and Loud Noises)   and things are starting to come into focus.  In the West, only the Division Title and the last playoff spot are open questions.  The East is much more muddled.

Early Games

Big Whoop (4-4) -1 vs E-Harmony (3-6):  This is the last stand for E-Mo’s bunch.  If they win then they can come watch next week and cheer against Big Whoop for a shot at the playoffs.  Big Whoop can remove any drama by clinching their spot with a win in this one.  I guess the question is how will being desperate impact these guys?

#6 Point Breakers (5-3) -3 vs Hexys Hooligans (1-8): Not much to play for in this one.  Point Break is locked into the playoffs but can’t win the division, and Hexy’s rollers are just getting in one last league-style practice before BoPo.

Colucci’s Kids (3-5) -1 vs #Gutter (4-4): There’s plenty to play for in this one.  #Gutter can clinch a playoff spot with a win, and Guttertime has been killing it.  The C-Kids have won two in a row now and have a look at a playoff spot.  A loss wouldn’t knock them out but would severely lessen their chances.  Precious is gunning for the only 200+ average.

Team Skittles (5-3) -3 vs Ebowla (3-5):  Well, team Skittles has a playoff spot wrapped up but would like to get some momentum going.  Ebowla is fighting for its life.  Of course with the election behind us none will be talking about Ebowla anymore, so I think they slide out of the playoff picture.

Late Games

#3 Loud Noises (7-2) -3 vs Nonchalant (2-6):  The Noise can wrap up a division title with a win and rest easy next week on their pre-playoff bye.  They could technically still win the title with a loss but it would take some luck.  Nonchalant has no playoff hopes, technical or otherwise, but they’d love to play spoiler and knock Deputy down a peg.

#1 Three Fingered Surprise (6-2) -3 vs 100% Down (5-4): The Surprise isn’t surprising anyone – you see them coming, you just can’t stop them.  They’v e had the highest score in the league three weeks running and are on a 6 game win streak.  They can win the division if Loud Noises slips up.  Slow Roll’s Downers made the wise choice to clinch a playoff spot last week so they are in the playoffs regardless of the outcome of this one.  Still good watching as Hungus vs Jerk duels are usually fun, anyway, and Hungus still has a very outside shot at Top Dawg.

#2 Beerframe Mafia (6-2) -3 vs Silent But Deadly (4-4):  The Mafia has now lost 2 straight after a 6-0 start but they can clinch the division title with a win.  SBD looks pretty good for a playoff spot but they need to win at least one of their last two to make sure.  I think the Mafia get their mojo back.

Taint Punch (3-5) -1 vs Alley Cat Strikes (4-4): The Taintsmen are in trouble at 3-5 in spite of having the best team average in the East.  I figure thing shave to even out for them with that average so I pick them in a narrow win.  Bama and the Strikes have rolled off three straight to get a little more comfortable but a loss here will leave them in the mix for a wild week 10 playoff chase.







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