Playoff Lines

The playoffs are here.  Kind of snuck up on me.  We’ve got 16 teams still alive this afternoon, and that will get whittled down to four in one awesome evening of bowling action.  All but the two #1 seeds matchup early, and the winners advance to the quarterfinals at 8pm.  Because it’s the playoffs, if your match is decided in two games, do not bowl the third game.  Thanks and good luck.

Group A

Point Breakers (6-4) vs Alley Cat Strikes (5-5): Beerframe Mafia (7-3) vs Bye

Roadhouse’s Swayze inspired unit has shown glimpses of being dominant.  Their top two of Roadhouse/Natro is as solid as anyone’s, and they have gotten a great season from Tilt-A-Whirl who is hungry for some postseason success.  After that though they have had a lot of inconsistency.  The AC Strikes started in a big hole (though one loss was in a bolwoff) but have battled back to even their record on the strength of league top bowler Bama.  After that there’s a big drop off in stats, but T-Square will look to the UREA connection of T-$ and Knuckles.  I think Bama will get the high series but Point Break’s depth gets them a 9-6 win.

Beerframe Mafia had a the tremendous 6-0 start but have finished the season 1-3.  Cilantro will need to keep his team from pressing.  They have a solid #1 in Cheddar and Nugget has been what they expected, but I can’t shake the feeling that they peaked midseason.  I think Point Breakers knock them off 8.5-6.5


Group B

Three Finger Surprise (8-2) vs Taint Punch (4-6): Team Skittles (6-4) vs Ball Jam (5-5)

I’ll call Group B the Group of death as it is loaded with interesting teams. The Surprise is on an eight game winning streak and are the hottest team entering the playoffs.  Taint Punch, meanwhile, snuck in to the playoffs only after SBD blew a 5-0 lead and lost 8-7 in the final week.  Despite that disparity in how they got here Taint Punch is a dangerous draw for TFS.  They have a very strong team average and Tango enters the match bowling at his best.  He finished slightly ahead in average of TFS leafed Jerk.  Taint also had a slight average edge in the 2 hole with Spidey over Tso, and a big edge at 3 with Baller over Snapshot.  Surprise has their ace in the hole in Captain Chernobes.  She’ll battle Rufio.  This is my pick for game of the night (1st round). The Binga’s want to send a message that they’re for real in BoPo this year, so I think they find a way to sneak by Taint 8-7.

Ball Jam has a big roster and they’ll field the full squad tonight.  We all know that’s a double edged sword: more chance to find a hot hand, less chance to get in a rhythm.  I don’t think it will matter in this match.  They look to have great depth, and Valley Girl gives them  big advantage.  Team Skittles has ridden emotion and their top dog Sparkles further than their average indicates they should’ve made it.  Tootsie has done a great job captaining, and Hot Sauce has a checkered history as a playoff captain, but I think Ball Jam gets through 9-6.

I’d take whoever survives the TFS/Taint matchup to reach the semis, but since I picked TFS I’ll take them over Ball Jam in a hypothetical quarterfinals 9.5-5.5


Group C

Colucci Kids (5-5) vs Big Whoop (6-4): Loud Noises (8-2) vs BYE

Well this was supposed to be a Twin Towers showdown, but Double Cheese will not be in the building.  The Dude is pretty tall, though not Precious’ height.  The Kids started the season 1-5, and then won with Precious out of town to start their turnaround.  They’ve now won 4 straight behind sensational rolling from Steff Infection and predictably excellent bowling from Precious.  Big Whoop’s path has been more of a zig zag.  They have been getting strong scores from Dude and Burt but it’s tough to make up for Cheese’s absence.  McStriker vs Steff will be an excellent duel.  Booth has struggles all year but has big game potential.  I’ll take the hot team to advance, Kids 10-5.

Deputy has led his own team well and finished high in the stats.  Pauly has a been his 2nd best, with Duke Thunderwood posting  decent amount of 200s.  Ali is defending BoPo champ and The Cleaner is auditioning for new teams after Y&B folded.  The noises know how to win, but I think the Kids will be warmed up and ready to roll after the 1st round and will continue their amazing turnaround from 1-5 to the Semifinals, winning 9-6.


Group D

Bowla Constrictors (7-3) vs 100% Down (5-5): Dick’s Picks Vol. IV (7-3) vs # Gutter (5-5)

Diesel is out to defend his Draft League title and he’s got a strong squad with him.  They have the best top three by average in Diesel, Bustah and Beef, and Honey Bunny is  a playoff assassin with a ton of postseason success on her resume.  They catch 100% Down at just the right time, coming off a bye and with Hungus and Slow Roll showing serious signs of beach rust last night.  Uncle Jesse or Nuber will have to play out of their minds in this one.  I see Bowla winning in two, 8-2.

Dick’s Picks is facing serious attrition.  They may only have two healthy arms at game time.  They will be allowed (as always) to let people catch up if they show up before game 1 ends.  Stiffy is iffy, QB is tardy, Farmer is injured.  #Gutter has look shaky lately but advanced to the playoffs as beneficiaries of an almost unheard of Draft League forfeit from Gatch’s team.  That’s gross.  Anyway, they now may catch another break if Dick’s is short.  I think they get an early lead before all Dick’s arrive, then hold on 8-7.

The constrictors should be able to plow through to the semis no matter which team they face. I’ll take them 8-2 over #Gutter.




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