Week 1 BoPo Schedule (now with more Week 2!)

More to come, like preseason rankings and such, but for those who have been eagerly awaiting a schedule real ease, here’s a taste.  Now you have four weeks to focus on one opponent. (Sons of Danarchy, Pud’s Taxi, My Balls and TDYOb have Week 1 byes)

Sunday, Jan 4

2:00 Guns of Brighton vs XXX Club

4:30 L.O.S. vs Lesiure Rolls

Tuesday, Jan 6

Yahtzee at BEER 8:00
OC at BIB 5:45
Budweisers vs Linguists 5:45
Ball That vs Granola 8:00
Hazzard at Bingas 8:00
UREA! at SauPo 8:00
N.E.D. at Wreck 5:45
Incredibowls at ICBING 8:00
Nuts at BILF 8:00
3 Livers at Pinups 5:45
Cape Fear vs Pinny Candy 5:45
Splits vs Happy Hands 5:45

Thursday, Jan 8

Slaughter 7 at IBS 8:00
Roll Another at 5 O’Clocks 8:00
Lovernauts at BN Spares 8:00
Bowlderdash at Lesbowlians 8:00
B&B at BUI 8:00
Pigs at Guacabowle 8:00


Week 2

Byes: BILF, Slaughterhouse 7, BUI, Bingas

* BEER vs Ball That, a Tuesday A game, is being played on Thursday night…

Tuesday Jan 13th

OC at Yahtzee 8:00
BIB at Budweisers 8:00
SOD at XXX Club 8:00
SauPo at Hazzard 5:45
Cape Fear at N.E.D. 8:00
Wreck at ICBING 5:45
Splits at Incredibowls 8:00
My Balls at 3 Livers 5:45
Pinups at Nuts 5:45

Thursday Jan 15th

Granola at LOS 8:00
Leisure at UREA! 8:00
TDYOB at GOB 8:00
Linguists at Pigs 5:45
Guacabowle at B&B 5:45
BEER at Ball That 8:00
Lesbowlians at IBS 5:45
Bowlderdash at Happy Hands 5:45
5 O’Clocks at TBD 8:00
Lovernauts at Pinny Candy 8:00
BN Spares at Roll Another 5:45

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