Holy Cow

We are 16 days from opening day but I haven’t really been able to do much by way of season preview.  PBA, potential expansion and a very full party season have been dominating my time but just today I took the trophy in to get another panel on for LOS, and another level on it for the next 4 champs.  I have done my preseason top-20 but we have also had a flurry of very late moves that shakes that up.  We have Pud’s Taxi rejoining the league!   So much.

Before the season launches I will get up one post about all the offseason moves, release at least the top 20 rankings (probably won’t be able to season previews for all the teams), and a few other odds and ends.


See you all soon BoPo!

2 thoughts on “Holy Cow

  1. Great, Pud’s is back, everyone loves getting forfeits and bowling against themselves, or starting 45 minutes late will they are outside killing a carton of Camel Lites…………next thing you will be telling us you are going to start icing the parking lot intentionally and having Hand take a Zamboni to it……

    1. Already got the adaptor for the lane oiler. Glassy ice surface, here we come. Precious and Double Cheese will be out there doing triple axels in the doubles competition! Bring your crampons!

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