BoPo VIII: Top 7 Offseason BoPo Player Moves; Top 4 Newcomers

Team Switches:

7. Coco Lopez to Spare of the Dog (formerly Yay!) – Coco Lopez joins her 5th BoPo team and moves back to the A division after her dominant year last year winning Queenshit, Draft League and Women’s doubles.  She gives SOD2 one of the top women pairs in BoPo and a proven playoff performer.

6. E-Minor to XXX Club – E-Minor is leaving GOB, and not for TDYOB as was initially reported.  XXX Club decided to grab the lefty.  He’s a good bowler, but from a scoring perspective he should be similar to the guy he replaced (Big Rig) so this move comes in at 6th.

5. Steff Infection, Pistol Pete, Senator ITZ and Lou Dawg to TDYOB – Quite a haul for TDYOB in this move.  They got a top of the lineup guy and girl in Pistol and Steff, a solid number three and proven playoff performer in Senator ITZ and a Sparkplug Award candidate in Lou Dawg.  How they merge with the holdovers (Shifter, Munson, and Space Farmer) will be interesting, but it definitely gives them the potential for a big playoff run.

4. Nugget to LOS – The defending champs get better.  They now have a starting lineup that is the strongest in the league, and they proved last year that they’re not afraid to use the starters all playoffs.  Nice move for a team looking to repeat.

3. Bustah and Peanut to Off Constantly – This move is making more sense as the season approaches.  OC was left with their pants down when McQueen left, so they signed the top average free agent available.  Peanut presumably takes Coucou’s place, unless perhaps Dick takes care of the kid so she can roll.  OC needed to shake things up after the Guacabowle playoff loss, and this is a huge shakeup.

2. Steve McQueen to Body English – Not sure if it pushes BEER back to contender status or not, but huge because of the ripple effect it caused in the great BEER/OC rivalry,  these teams have 5 finals appearances and three titles between them.  This year McQueen wants his name engraved on the Cup.

1. Deputy to Yahtzee – Deputy has often been rumored to other teams, and even committed to other teams before pulling the plug.  This year he bit the bullet and jumped, and Yahtzee now has a great lineup 1-4 on the guy side, replacing the weak link of Bowldemort.   Deputy should help this team keep a more upbeat and even demeanor.


4. Tony Fernandez (no bowling name yet) – Hazzard: Only at #4 because Uncle Jesse says he’s not coming but no one enjoys roster secrets more than he does.  Would replace Deputy.  If he plays on the same team as General Lee they are a title contender, and fun to watch because they have the same clothes, same form and same scores.  Twinsies!

3. Mindy (no bowling name yet) – SOD: All we know is she played in multiple leagues in Korea, and she looks like she’ll be really good.  Could step in and pick up right weber Valley Girl Jess left off.

2. Brooklyn – BIB: Filing the shoes of a two time Top Dawg, but looks like he’ll be a solid bowler and still leave BIB with an awesome 1-2-3 punch.

1. Railroad – GOB: Guy got a brick here during the MIST tourney, that’s about all we know.  Oh yeah, crazy fast ball with a ton of pin action.  Will pair very nicely with Mr. Pickles.

3 thoughts on “BoPo VIII: Top 7 Offseason BoPo Player Moves; Top 4 Newcomers

  1. the ever ‘average’ old timer Wrecking Balls added a newcomer who seems to be rolling with rookie abandon with some 180s and a 200 in a few practices. Great bowling name for a doctor too – Pin Prick

  2. Just to add to new comers. #5 G-Unit, replacing Scarbelly on my squad. Bowled a 165 average last Casco season and defeated Charlie’s squad in the finals.

    1. Correction Snapshot, defeated Charlie’s squad in the semis. We didn’t win a game in the playoffs.

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