Almost March!

It’s happening again, bowling season is getting us through the long, dark winter.  It may still be cold and snowy but the daylight is coming back, and we’re still drinking together every Tuesday.  After tonight all teams will have played at least half their games.

Predictions: 81-39

Game of the Week

#4 Turkey Club (4-1) -1 vs Back in Black (5-0): Yes, I was pretty drunk during this week’s train wreck of a podcast.  (Not Dr. Thunder level drunk, no bang zone talk for me).  I offered E-Minor a job, and I picked Turkey Club to win this match.  Well.  I said those things.  I guess I should stick with them.  Back in Black looks like the biggest threat to stop a LOS repeat.  They have three all-stars and a 4th player who’s as good as any non-all-star in Brooklyn.  There is no reason they should lose this one.  XXX Club had three of their four guys all tie for 10th, missing the all-star game by 1 spot.  They do have one all-star in Bora Bora who should have some great battles with Gutterboy’s Mom.  This feels like one of those weird nights where Herk rolls a 230 and a barely standing Tango closes out a game with a  drunk turkey to win.  Sometimes you have to go with the upset pick.

Early Games

#1B My Balls (5-0) -1 vs #2B Incredibowls (5-2): This was setup to be game of the week before Incredibowls dropped their makeup game last night against No Eye Deer.  It’s still a huge game in the Tuesday B chase as My Balls could put some distance between themselves and their pursuers with a win here following their win over ICBING (who also lost a makeup game on Sunday).  Wej is feeling good about himself after a bowl off win, and they have the home turf with an early match.  That’s enough for me to pick them to remain as the last B undefeated.

#6 Yahtzee (5-2) -11 vs Saucy Posse (1-5): Well, Yahtzee will get back on track.  If they lost here it would be the biggest surprise of the season.  At least Hot Sauce is still talking smack, I like SauPo’s heart.

ICBING (5-2) -5 vs Pinups (1-5): ICBING has lost twice in six days after their 5-0 start.  The Sunday morning loss was almost predictable, that is out of their comfort zone.  This game should be more to their liking.  Here’s hoping they all start following Fabio’s lead with sweet wigs.  The Pinups have had a couple close calls and put up strong scores very couple of weeks.  Manson could help them hang close for a while if ICBING stays in its slump, but I don’t think the Pinups can close the deal here.

Budweisers (1-4) -5 vs Three Livers (1-4): Both teams are 1-4, both have under 30 points, but the similarities end there.  Budweisers have a 90 pin advantage over 3L. Budweisers are BoPo rookies, Three Livers are OG’s, participating in their 8th season of BoPo.  The Buds will get a good look at how BoPo teams party, and they’ll also pick up that elusive 2nd win.

#7 Bingas (3-2) -1 vs Cape Fear (3-4):  This is going to be a nail biter.  Binga’s is not an early team, Cape Fear is (though Southpaw’s throw doesn’t seem to be impacted one way or the other).  Southpaw is bowling better than anyone in the match right now.  Jerk has been struggling lately but has kept the team together and they are coming off a nice win.  Cape Fear’s other all-star Bacon should battle Chernobes all-night, and Pip and Soccer Dad have had some good results (Brentanimo and Night Nurse serious wildcards).  At the end of the match I see a Cookie game 3 200 to edge Southpaw for an exciting 1 point win.

Late Games

BEER (2-3) -3 vs Strikes of Hazzard (1-4): BEER is looking to get back to .500 after their 0-3 start.  TR returned to spark them last week (well, the team averaged 530 in the win but TR had the high score of the match with a 169).  Hazzard always gives BEER trouble, though.  If LB Davenport and General Lee ever both show up at the same time it will be a game changer.  Right now they are just waiting for Uncle Jesse to have one of his monster games.  I’m guessing Luke will bring his best as he and Uncle Jesse battle their Draft teammates Slow and Karl.  Should be a hazy affair.

S.O.D. (3-2) -3 vs Ball That (3-3): S.O.D. is probably wondering why they fell out of the top 8 after a 15-0 win.  Well, it’s simple.  I forgot them.  They can probably sneak back in (assuming my memory improves) with another win here.  Dr. Dentist and McStriker are both all-stars, and the rest of the roster is lousy with former all-stars.  Ball That is not intimidated by veteran teams and have a couple nice wins under their belt, but this looks like a tough matchup for them.  S.O.D. is extremely deep and should be able to come up with the points they need.

BILFs (1-4) – 1 vs Wrecking Balls (1-5): These two teams are deperate for a win.  Plus they have an almost identical average.  Those are good factors for producing a bowl off.  The Wreck may be without the Dude again, and that’s why I’m picking against them (despite Lulu’s 1st career turkey last week).  Old Thumper is ready to celebrate Chinese New Year’s again with a 200.  The Wreck can hang close if Swing and Swanny deliver.

Splits Happen (5-1) -1 vs Nuts (3-2): My how things have changed in a few weeks.  The Nuts were ranked as high as 2nd and Splits were an afterthought.  Now Splits is on a  roll and in 2nd place in the division and Nuts have their backs against the wall if they want to stay in the chase for the top seed.  The Nuts have all-star Ruby Canary, and their Captain should get back from the warm weather one of these days.  Splits is finding ways to get wins – not sure how but they do keep piling up.  Xander is a magician of a Captain.





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    1. Perhaps Thunder should change his name to Dr. Bangzone – of course if Sneaky Pete heard the podcast – the Doctor may never make it back in the bangzone!

  1. Nailed it with that description, Karl. Bring back the barking dog, even that would be an improvement.

    1. Thanks for the dedicated listening TWW, find it hysterical you made it through the whole thing. We will keep putting it out and dedicated listeners like you will keep listening. Thanks for the followership.

  2. Why the name change Dentist? Also isn’t it a bit redundant? Dentists are doctors………

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