Blowout City

Not much in the  way of competitive game tonight, on paper at least.  We also have BoPo sharing the place with a 6 lane party for the first hour and half tonight.  Maybe weird stuff will happen. We do get the very fun ’12 lanes of BoPo’ for the late shift.   In last night’s rescheduled Thursday game TDYOB upset #5 Leisure Rolls 11.5-3.5.

Predictions: 89-41

Game of The Night

EARLY I.B.S. (4-2) -3 vs Roll Another (6-1): Well it will certainly be a contrast in styles.  I.B.S. brings chants and cheers and party to the lanes each week.  Roll Another brings a quiet, steely determination.  I.B.S. could put themselves squarely int he mix for a 2nd straight Thursday B crown with a win, while Roll Another could get bury another challenger with a win of their own.  I think I.B.S. energy will be enough to get the job done and new Captain Ram Rod will celebrate another victory.

Early Games

#3 L.O.S. (5-1) -13 vs UREA (3-4): I was kind of glad to see one person drop out so T-$ still got an all-star spot.  That’s the upside here, but otherwise going to be a quick night for UREA.  At least expectations are low for this one.  L.O.S. cruising along just waiting for one of the undefeated teams to slip up.

#4B Lovernauts (5-1) -13 vs Pud’s Taxi (0-6): The Lovernauts will be able to bounce back in a big way after getting their first loss last week.  Pud’s will lose again but have way more fun than last week.

Late Games

#8 Guns of Brighton (3-4) -14.5 vs Granola Bowlahs (1-5): Not much to say about this match.  So let me just include this random line from G.B. sponsor Grandy Oats.

Some people say we look awfully young to have been baking granola for 30 years. Well, they’re right. 

Congrats to G.O.B.’s two all stars, Pickles and Railroad.

Dirty Half Dozen (4-2) -3 vs Pinny Candy (2-4): Few teams’ lineups have spent the amount of hours at the lanes this season that DHD has, and that usually leads to some wins.  They should grab another one tonight.  Candy actually has a higher average in this one, but that’s a bit skewed by some of the low scores on the backend of the DHD roster.

Spare of the Dog (4-2) -2 vs BUI (2-4): This has the potential to be a pretty close game, but I’m siding with the nattily attired Dogs.  They bounced back nicely from their GOB loss with a big double win (flip cup and bowling) over TDYOB last week, their first week in the satin.  They may actually have some confidence.  BUI has been getting consistently good scores but not quite the results.  Snapshot’s bowl off win is looking really important now as they’d be 1-5 without it.  Instead a win here and they could start to get right back int he middle of the pack.  Thunderwood made the all-star game, let’s see if he can lead the upset tonight.

#2 Linguists (7-0) -7 vs Guacabowle (2-4): Guac felt like they let one get away last week as they watched a 5-5 game turn into a 10-5 loss vs an LOS team without Precious and Stiffy.  Well now the challenge gets even bigger but the reward would be even cooler – toppling an undefeated.  The Linguists haven’t been challenged yet and I don’t se this one being any different (unless Roo has already left for Florida).  That said, powerful teams that sleep on Guacabowle often pay the price.

Happy Hands (4-3) -3 vs Five O’Clocks (2-5): Both teams got big wins last week, but Happy hands’ was a bit bigger, knocking off the undefeated Lovernauts.  the 5 O’s actually had some bigger scores, Automatic posting botha  198 and a 199.  The last few weeks either Automatic or the Quaker has gone off for them.  That said HHP has better team depth right now and good high game potential from The Munj.  This could be interesting heading to game 3 but HHP is more used to winning.

Bowlderadsh (3-3) -9 vs Bad News Spares (1-5): Bowlderdash should get back on track this week, especially if Boys McCracken follows up on his 200 game last week. The Spares are feistier than years past and still bringing the party, but I think Bowlderdash wins handily anyway in a very friendly match.





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