Writeups 25 & 26: Off Constantly and Yahtzee

Off Constantly – Tuesday A: Captain – Nuber One

Dick Liquor: I’ve gone 180 on this write-up for Off Constantly. It started as some over the top historical and off color embellishment telling the story of OC, filled with misogynistic Dick-centric spin and all. There may be a time for that on the smackboards, but If you’ve been around the league over the last eight years, you’ve already heard the stories in some form or another.
This bowling league has fostered itself as the tie that binds our OC family and extended BoPo family. It has poured concrete into lifelong friendships, led us from first dates to marriages, tested the meaning of family and true friendship, broken grudges that may see insurmountable, seen us through loss, and witnessed new life.  It has been there in the good times and bad. Every past, present, and future member defines what OC stands for. OC stands for family. We’ve stuck with each other, even when that meant not wearing the colors for a night, a season, or hanging them up all together. Our black and white color does not aim to discriminate or set us apart; it establishes a family within a family. We see the other teams around us that value and respect the awesomeness of this league. The unbreakable bonds within OC are stronger than the ever-present entropy around us. We feel this in the league. This keeps us coming back night after night…week after week…year after year.  We’ve lost a couple members; we’ve gained a couple members. You only get one family. As we reflect towards the approaching season, we are so grateful for all that we have and all that we can share with this community.

We are the first team to achieve two banners. You may have to be sleeping with a member of the team to get a spot at this point, but I think I speak for the team when I say, “I’d fuck you.”
OC: Nuber (C), Dick Liquor, Oz, Tron, Busta, Honey Bunny, Coucou, Peanut, Steve McQueen, Knuffi.


Yahtzee – Tuesady A: Captain – Cheddar

Yahtzee! was formed in 2013 and currently features a prominent group of “home grown” bowlers that no one else wanted or who didn’t want to bowl on Turkey Club. Best known for losing to GoB in the playoffs, Yahtzee has also earned many other fake accolades of their 2 years in BoPo. Including: Most likely to consume more beer in one week than BiB does all season (2014,2015, probably 2016). The PDA Award (2014). Team Sabotage Award for dumping beer on a teammates slide foot (2014). Most Overrated Team (2015).

Cheddar is one of the most decorated bowlers in Bayside history, with 2 bricks to his credit, and a career 7% beer frame conversion rate. He has lightened up over the past few seasons, and is now only hated by half the league instead of 90%… Just take your spare ball off the rack.

Sparkles was recruited out of some old hick candlepin bowling house in the dirty brook. His masterful trash talk and spare game only get better with each Moosehead consumed. Every strike he throws is a tribute to his fallen comrade, Frank.

Lala is the lone lefty on the team and enjoys the Fisher Price side of the lanes. She has put up some big numbers over Draft League and her cool, calm and collected attitude balances out the other crazy bastards.

Rotini is the silent assassin and 2015 Rookie of the year.  Having only spoken 5 words total last season, she impressed her new teammates with her big scores and competitiveness.

Deputy was drunkenly coaxed into joining last year on the famous toilet bowl day. He brings as much energy as anyone and is probably the only person on Tuesday A that will still strike dance a 97 game.

Tango went the route of hoes before bros and joins his woman this year and bringing Yahtzee up to 4 Naked Buddies. Voted “Most Likely to not Remember Bowling”, he had a great Draft League and has been on a tear lately. Two of the Moosehead 12k favorites on the same team.. Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!

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