B lines

Three Livers v Splits Happen (-5) – Tres Livers got off to a hot start last week, but couldn’t finish the deal for their first win. Now they face a Splits Happen squad that is coming off a tough loss of their own. Xander and the Splits do have nearly a 100 pin average in this one, so the smart money is on them. The Livers will have to wait another week to try and find that first victory.

NED (-2) v Wrecking Balls – This should be an outstanding matchup. NED has been improving weekly, and coming off an outstanding win over My Balls. Meanwhile, the Wrecking Balls only have one win, but are bowling much better than their record. Burt and the NED crew better not show any complacency or they could find themselves looking up. This is going down to game 3, with a slight edge to NED with more big game ability to close it out.

Bowl Trolls v The Incredibowls (-5) – The Bowl Trolls lost a heartbreaker last week, and their prize is a matchup against the division favorite. The Incredibowls are making their case to be promoted to A with how they have been throwing it down so far, and shouldn’t be slowed this week. The new pattern hasn’t hurt any of the Incredibowls. It will take a Herculean effort for the Trolls to get it done. Abbazon has been outstanding and The Fuge is starting to pick it up. But it will take Honey Bear and the rest to really bring it if they want to pull off the upset.

Strikes on Tap v My Balls (-4) – A battle of two squads coming off very different outcomes. Strikes scored 10 unanswered points in the face of a 5-0 deficit. Meanwhile, My Balls was too slow out of the blocks, and faltered in two games. The Strikes are now in the win column, and looking to keep the momentum flowing. They will need the Cleaner and Colucci to bring their A-Game tonight if thats going to be the case. Meanwhile, it is unknown if WEJ will be back tonight. But, even if he isn’t My Balls has enough fire power to get the job done. Expect My Balls to pull it out and stay in the race for the title.

Pinups v Hookers (-3) – The Hookers continue to impress this year, and are coming off an impressive win over the Splits. Tied for 1st place at 3-1, the Hookers will try to avoid the letdown against a very competitive Pinups squad. The Hookers are perhaps the most consistent team in the division, and that should keep them in every single match. Any slip-up by the Pinups could cost the the match. Silky Pete and Manson will keep the Pinups in the mix, but the Hookers’ depth will bring them victory at the end.

Game of the Week: Budweisers (-2) v BILFs – This is unquestionably a must win for each team. A loss for either would put them in a hole that could be too difficult to roll out of. BILF has never beaten the Belgian Beer Conglomerate, but they could be catching them at the right time. Pincess Leia is coming off an outstanding performance last week, helping the BILF come back in the 3rd for a victory. On top of that Major Danks may have finally figured out the pattern. Meanwhile, Buds will be nice and rested coming off the bye week, just what they possibly needed for this potentially classic matchup. It should go to Game 3, and taking history into account give a slight edge to the Buds.

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