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Binga’s -3 vs. Strikes of Hazzard
Binga’s gets their first crack at early this season. Tso has been the only person that’s been consistently okay this season. Jerk is on the rollercoaster and Mike is rolling pretty well, actually. I never know who’s going to show up for Hazzard so I’m going to assume they will have one of their 2 studs and that won’t be enough since having both of them wasn’t enough against Cape Fear.

SOD -15 vs. Ball That
This match was originally late but got pushed to early. Read the 87 comment Facebook post if you care to know why. Every single person on SOD has a higher avg than everyone on Ball That so if they lose any points it’s a big green F.

BEER -3 vs. Cape Fear
Here’s a battle for Sunday shootout seeding. Cape Fear has been putting in work at the lanes lately and it finally paid off last week getting their first win. BEER took their beating last week and is looking for a rebound here as they hit their 2 month stretch of early games. Hungus had a 200 in his first game back since week 1 and Brandy is finally looking like Brandy again. Should be good enough to win even if 140 Tommy Gunz shows up.

Off Constantly -1 vs. Oddballs
OC is starting to click finally. Nuber and Oz have been rolling great and GBoi has been pacing 180s, but he should thrive on the early shot. Oddballs rolled well game 1 last week but got spanked by Sharks. Twisted Tea is crushing the Fisher Price side of the lane. I’d like to see HBK get something going before I could pick them against another good team, though.


Yahtzee! -11 vs. Spare of the Dog
The champs had an “off” week against BEER last Tuesday. Deps and myself were a giant bag of dicks but ChedTini carried the squad to another dominating win. The Dogs got beat pretty bad by OC and haven’t seemed to be adjusting to Tuesday life very well. Sorry to say but it just looks like they aren’t having fun. Their tough stretch of matches continue tonight as Yahtzee doesn’t look like it’s slowing down just yet.

Sharks & Strikes -1 vs. Saucy Posse
Game of the Week? This match is getting all the social media hype and rightfully so. Sharks made a loud statement last week with an 830 and big games from Dick Corona and Zesty Sauce. Saucy has been riding the Nut Splinter (Master Nut? Nut Master?) train all season with Strokinoff pitching in every other week. No Russian this week so there will be extra games from Kar Bomb and Dick or Railroad, and I don’t even think Saucy knows when their other supporting cast will show up. Taking Sharks in this one due to home field advantage (late) and I feel like they have a plan to bait Splinter into getting wasted and Railroad is a hall of fame blackout bowler.

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  1. I don’t know if you guys understand just how much it takes to throw Master Splinter off his game. he’s 6 rum and cokes in by the time practice starts.

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