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Sharks & Strikes -5 v. Sons of Danarchy
Sharks are hitting the tail end of their tough stretch of teams losing back to back games to Yahtzee and Saucy. No shame in that at all. They have 3 All Stars in Dick, Railroad and Kar Bomb. I think Speedy is there again for a game or 2 while White Russian is recovering from a broken hymen. SOD got their dicks kicked in last week by Cape Fear posting a whole bunch of great Thursday scores. Valley Gurl and McStriker are All Stars again (yawn) but with the 40 fucking feet of snow we just got, Diesel has his mind on the slopes. Sharks get back to winning and it won’t be close

Turkey Club -9 v. BEER
Club got bent over sideways by Nut Sauce last week so bad that Bucky smashed his face off the ball return. Pretty much everyone on Club is an all star except Minor because apparently he fucking sucks right now unless he’s against Dick Du Jour. BEER has a couple of All Stars in Gunz, Brandy and the new platinum suit guy, Hungus, whose post appendix average is about 60 pins higher. BEER has been rolling well, and as much as the wigs distract some teams, most of TClub is bald as fuck and you don’t wanna give these guys more confidence.

Yahtzee! -1 v. Saucy Posse
Two weeks in a row of potential finals matchups! Saucy has been slaughtering everyone and comes in with the top bitch in the history of BoPo and the jackass that built her. Yahtzee has also been crushing teams and it seems like they take turns going off. The entire team made the All Star game (has that ever happened), but they will be without Deputy who is apparently away on a secret mission but probably eloping… It’s way too difficult to pick against Yahtzee in this one even with my immense bias.


Off Constantly -13 v. Ball That
Ball That is hanging tough with Party Mix in team average right now… Yes you read that correctly. B teams are watching them closely and may tank games to bowl them in the Sunday shootout. Crackerjack might quit bowling because he’s not avging 230 but these guys keep coming back and crushing beers.. OC has 3 All Stars and just 1 win. Doesn’t really make much sense. Can’t really see them losing this one…

Binga’s -5 v. Spare of the Dog
Not really sure what’s going on with the Dogs… We’re at the halfway point of the season and they still don’t have a 2nd lady. Are women THAT creeped out by Jewdy? Binga’s whitewashed Ball That last week to pad their stats a bit. Jerk has been good for a 120 and a 200+ every week and it seems Knuckles is starting to find her groove. This should be a heck of a party as both teams crush beers and other newly legal things but Binga’s wins the bowling portion of this match easily.

Oddballs -5 v. Cape Fear
The Miller Lite Killer’s picked up another win last week against SOD. Big Pin Pin has been rolling well lately and Southpaw is an All Star. Oddballs have been quietly rolling well the last couple weeks, avging just over 700. Twisted Tea and Brooklyn have been on fire. If HBK ever figures it out, this could be a sleeper team in the playoffs. Oddballs gets the win in a night with one great match and a bunch of blowouts.

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