B lines

Budweisers (-11) v Three Livers – Welp…good luck to the Livers in this one. They will need it. The Buds have over a 100 pin fall average, and very good depth. The Livers have a lot of fun, and may buy the opposing team some shots. Buds should cruise in this one, and continue to be one of the Tuesday B favorites.

Whoomp S.I.I. v Incedibowls (-6) – The last time we saw the Incredibowls on the lanes they were going down in an upset. They are back at it this week following a bye. The Incredibowls take on the pesky Whoompers, who are trying to get back to their winning ways. It will be difficult though, as they will try and keep pace with statistically the best team in Tuesday B. GOT and Spidey should give the Incredibowls more than enough to win this one in two.

Strikes on Tap v Splits Happen (-3) – This should be a very entertaining matchup tonight. Strikes has been rolling well lately, an will certainly not make it easy for Xander and the Splits. Strikes will need The Cleaner and Colucci Kid to go toe-to-toe with Xander and Cotter to challenge for those top points, as well as to stay in the mix for overall. Splits does have the depth advantage, but Strikes have the potential to throw big games. This one goes into Game 3, with a slight edge to the Splits.

N.E.D. (-4) v Pinups – The Deer took one on the chin last week, losing in just two games. They will look to bounce back against a squad that is looking to jumpstart the season. NED will need much more from Tush Christ and Donzarelli this week to make sure victory is theirs. And they will need to win out for any chance at a Tuesday B championship. The Pinups will need one of their best performances of the year to try and take this one. NED should win, but it won’t be easy.

Bowl Trolls v My Balls (-4) – After a bit of inconsistency, the Balls are back to being one of the class squads in Tuesday B. They take a lot of momentum into tonight’s matchup against the Trolls. While the Trolls are dangerous, the clear favorite has to be the balls, especially with Wej back in the lineup. The Trolls will need more from Honey Bear to help the Trolls stay in this match. Perhaps a tight game early on, but Cygnus, Wej and the rest of the Balls will prove too much for the Trolls.

Game of the Night: BILFs v Hookers (-1) – The class of Tuesday B squares off the class of the middle of the Tuesday B pack. The Hookers are still riding in first place, as they continue to use their impeccable consistency to hammer out victories. BILFs used a strong night by Old Thumper last week to continue to hang around the title race. Thumper though is currently out of the country, so someone else will have to get it together. It will go three games. And the Hookers should squeak it out if Goose, Sweet Buns and the rest of the crew keep the consistency rolling.

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