Sunday Shootout (Now With More Saturday!)

Here we go, final weekend BoPo matchups. All matches are two games. A 5-5 tie is settled via bowloff:

Saturday 1:30
Cape Fear vs Pud’s Taxi
Bingas vs Granola Bowlahs
Off Constantly vs F’n Chuckits
Guacabowle vs Three Livers
BUI vs Wrecking Balls
Guns of Brighton vs Whoomp Spare It Is

Sunday 1:30
Oddballs vs Linguists
Hazzard vs Pinny Candy
Incredibowls vs Roll Another
TDYOB vs Pinups
BILF vs Five Finger Ds
UREA vs Brooklyn Hookers

Sunday 3:00
Sons of Danarchy vs Bad News Spares
Lions Den vs No Eye Deer
Ball That vs Bowlderdash
Splits Happen vs Happy Hands
Tatts and Tits vs Strikes on Tap
Bowled and Beautiful vs Party Mix
ICBING vs Bowl Trolls

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