BoPro-Am Rosters

Captain Pro Team Lady Team Dude 1 Team Dude 2
Natro Stu Williams 2 Koops Shifter Duke Thunderwood
Maj Danks Bill O’Neill Brandy Hungus Roy Munson
Cheddar Norm Duke The Implosion The Dentist Walter’s Dad
Jamaican Jerk Jesper Svensson Lala Sweet Buns The Dude
Capt. Caveman Jason Belmonte Bora Bora Double Cheese Senator ITZ
Viking Dick Allen Nugget Roo Samsquampch
Viqueen EJ Tackett Old Thumper Capt Insanal Dick Du Jour
Oz Chris Barnes White Russian Soccer Dad Cygnus X1
Capt. Spare-O Kyle Troup Chernobylayne Hot Sauce Dr Thunder
Magic BJ Moore Ralphie Jewdy Master Splinter
Sparkles Marshall Kent Cupcake C Murda Southpaw
Deputy Francois Lavoie Luna McStriker Pauly Ringwald
Bombpop Tommy Jones Seatown Snapshot Probie
Yao Romo Wes Mallott Slow Roll Gutterslut E Minor
Railroad Osku Palermaa Honey Bunny Space Farmer Cookie
Roadhouse Liz Johnson Mo $ Tango Filthy McNasty
Nut Sauce Shawn Maldonado  Mitch Cumstein iHand Nuber
Pistol Pete Pete Weber QB Xander Rolle Doc Moose


4 thoughts on “BoPro-Am Rosters

  1. I need Old Thumper’s and Captain Insanal’s real names and/or contact info. If they don’t see this can someone help a friend?

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