3 thoughts on “BoPo Bracket!

  1. Here is what Hungus posted on Facebook after Saturdays games (I adjusted for Sunday results). He did not post a day or time for Oddballs vs TDYOB or NED vs Cape Fear.

    Tuesday early

    Yahtzee vs Trolls
    Turkey Club vs UREA
    Budweisers vs Lesbowlians
    Sons of Dan vs 5 Finger

    Tuesday Late

    Sharks vs BUI
    SauPo vs B&B
    TBD vs TBD

    Thursday Early

    DHD vs My Balls
    GOB vs Bingas
    Touch Xcite vs Hazzard
    LOS vs Incredibowls

    Thursday Late

    Leisure Rolls vs Ball That
    YB2 vs Splis Happen
    Guacabowle vs OC

    1. TDYOB versus oddballs is Thursday late therefore I can assume NED and Cape on Tuesday thank you Magic!

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