BoPo Playoff Times

Tuesday early

Yahtzee vs Trolls
Turkey Club vs UREA
Budweisers vs Lesbowlians
Sons of Dan vs 5 Finger

Tuesday Late

Sharks vs BUI
SauPo vs B&B
NED vs Cape Fear

Thursday Early

DHD vs My Balls
GOB vs Bingas
Touch Xcite vs Hazzard
LOS vs Incredibowls

Thursday Late

Leisure Rolls vs Ball That
YB2 vs Splis Happen
Guacabowle vs OC
TDYOB vs Oddballs

3 thoughts on “BoPo Playoff Times

  1. Thanks to oddballs and Hungus for moving game to Thursday. First round of beers on me!

    1. Word is they won’t be drinking according to Brooklyn and the Corsican brothers they are all business.

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