A New BoPo Year Begins

Yeah hi, BoPo, what’s happening? We are just over 50 hours from launching our 11th league year, 8th draft league. We will be playing in a fully finished new Bayside, with the Eastside fully turned over to the magic of 12 lanes BoPo. The expansion is great and will hold all the new folks, and the roof will do its thing, but the soul of Bayside will be alive in the original 12 lanes every Thursday. Bayside Bowl is a business that I own, but BowlPortland is a community that I love.

On to the preview. Lots of big time bowlers making their debuts, with Rev Lord, Couch, D $, and Badger all top 10 picks. Now we see how they adapt to the scene and energy of our league nights. The pattern is a little easier than normal, just enough to miss the designation of Sport Pattern (which would have messed with your sanctioned averages at other events), but 4:1 is at least not a super easy house shot. The biggest change will be bowloffs. This Draft League any bowloffs will be contested baker style, so 5 team members compete rather than just sending forward team aces. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out as it may move to BoPo as well.  

So, the pursuit of the 1st major of the season begins. My predicted third place team is Glossy. He may have the most talented crew, but D$ and Mama D are BoPo rookies which I think keeps them to a semifinals loss. In 2nd I’ve got Viking, with a deep lineup of Heartbreak Kid, Purple Nurple and Roo for men, and an improved Viqueen and ice water-in-her-veins Bullet making a run to the finals. That’s where I have Roadhouse, always the BoPo bridesmaid never the bride, stopping them for a championship. Soccer Dad’s eve of league 300 strikes me as an omen for these guys.

Oakie and Cupid will be handling lines again this season starting with week 2. I’ll be adding a new twist, recaps. The 6 for $20 shot specials will be back too!  Looking forward to bowling with (and against) you all again this season. Good luck!

12 thoughts on “A New BoPo Year Begins

  1. Ahem, Ahem… being a sport pattern does not mess up your average for tourneys etc. It is marked in the national stats as a sport pattern and then anyone looking at that knows to convert the average to see someones actual average in the real world. So my 135 Sport average for the summer 3v3 league converts to a 150 average. And can I say it makes me a tad sad that I know this shit. And thanks Hungus for picking a non-sport pattern.

    1. Please don’t tell me that Cupid is Dr Thunder.

      If so, there goes my draft league fun………

      1. You can call Thunder whatever you want if you buy him enough beers. Also more beers = more draft league fun. two birds with one stone.

      2. Do we really need/want to see Thunder with more beers in him?

        Now, two birds with one stone(d), that would be funny.

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