Yo Oakie is not in the mood for lines this week. You get what you get and that is it. All the early matches are a snoozefest. Atomik I’d suggest putting on a Dungus mixed tape until the party starts around 8 p.m.Thuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssdddddaaaaaaaaaaaayy!!!


Props to Buck on winning All Star game. Big surprise. Also, not surprising Dick Du Douchebag and Deputy’s team sucked total ass going 1-5. #lifeimitatesart

Skol (2-4) -3 vs Cakeballs (2-4): Speaking of art imitates life, Viking’s squad has a 2-4 record despite one of the better team averages in the league. Seems Viking, like his NFL squad can just not win consistently. Oakie thinks they get off the schnide tonight against the dick and balls crew. Here is Gutterboy getting his second loss on the evening:

Never Flush (3-3) -5 vs Das Strike Machine (3-3): Well Never Flush absolutely sucks without Sparkles. They got a team average less than Blunders team and seem to be heading nowhere. Sparkles should be back from Vegas after gaining yet another 100 pounds of excess over indulgence weight. He being back is the difference in this one as they sale passed non- all-star Dick Whitman and crew fairly easily. Here is Dick and Holden Green after the match:

Rad Team (6-0) -5 vs Liquid Talent (3-3): Southpaw’s squad seems like they are destined for a finals match with Rufio. Squatch’s crew has firepower, but the golf outfit wearing duet of S-Paw and dentist will be too much in this one. Here are Southpaw and Dentist having a sleepover after the match:

Hexy’s Hooligans (3-3) -10 vs The Management: The Management is 2-0 late and 0-4 early which for TM means bring out your dead. The Corsican Brothers have turned into a couple drug addicted 150 guys and Hexy will have Precious today so this shouldn’t be close. Good news is Slow Roll has started giving bowling lessons and is quite proud of her 169.6 average. That said she is the #2 on TM and Hexy has Precious and Crackerjackoff. Long afternoon into early evening for TM. Hungus rolling great and will get some points but won’t be much more. Also, no safety meetings the Corsican Brothers have a video to film after the match:


Rufio (6-0) -15 vs Shnitzengiggels (2-4): Shits lives up to their name they are absolute dog shit they get killed tonight by Rufio’s squad who are giving up 2.3 points per match. Deputy’s crew doesn’t come close to that tonight and then Dick Du Douche bag leaves for Moldova in the morning.

Border Crossers -3 (4-2) vs Brandy Savages (4-2): Glossy has been rolling nice, Mama D is a lady ace, D$ is starting to take a little more pride in his bowling. All that adds up to a win in a tight one versus Brandy’s Savages who are having a strong season and have developed great team chemistry this year. Here is Glossy getting life advice from Blunder after the match:


Here is Roadhouse after a strike which happens a lot less frequently these days:

Mailed it in this week, usually start these Tuesday, but Oakie had an All-Star Match to take in, will try better next week.

Get loose get in the caboose and then get loose again.



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