Early to Bed, Early to Rise (Late games)

First, let me apologize for how short these lines are. Crazy week in Cupid-ville, so didn’t have a lot of chances to get weird.  Drunken Noodle (-5) v. Winter is Coming – Winter cannot come soon enough for Ricky V. and company. Anything to get this disaster of a season to end already so his teammates can return to their BoPo teams and finally get some wins! Well, except for Rick Vaughn, his team loses a ton in BoPo also.

Drunken Noodle pulled a fast one on the league in drafting Peanut Gutter/10 Pin Haz Bin. Peanut Gutter bailed (should be noted he bailed for great reasons. He and Clarified have taken guardianship of a Fresh Air child they first met about 5 years ago, and are providing him with incredible opportunities here in Maine that he never could have gotten at his home in New York City. Kudos to them!) , and now Nugget has another ace to go along with Railroad. That’s a tough 1-2 punch. And it’s simply too strong for Winter Is Coming.

Bayside Hellraisers (-1) v. Hello, Friend – You know the last time I heard Big Party and Cheddar in the same sentence? Never. Folks will say that styles make fights, but the contrasting styles here are the fun factory that is the Bayside Hellraisers, and the friend factory that is Hello Friend. Fun v. Friend….I’ll take Fun any day of the week. Bank on it. It’s our upset special of the week. Here we see Cheddar after the match:

Happy Hour Heroes v. Fuckdafino (-3) – This newly domesticated version of Double Cheese sure knows how to bowl a lot. And all that practice seems to be leading to great scores as well, with a 212 average, almost as high as The Dentist. Well, usually higher than the Dentist, but not this week anyway! LaLa is bowling awesome, and Sparetime and Hark Attack are rolling the scores they need to get a win.

The Happy Hour Heroes are living up to their names, delivering on the party, and flailing on the lanes. Sounds like me most Friday afternoons. All Day Lemay is doing her thang, rolling big scores, but the rest of the team are not exactly killing it. God of Thunder is rolling more like God of Few Spares, so they’ll need him to turn it around to compete with Fuckdafino. But I don’t see it happening tonight.

Shot Clock Violation v. Got Wood? (-3) – Samsquampch seems to have the uncanny ability to draft teams that don’t win a lot of matches. Looking back at his history as a captain, my advice for the league is to let him know you are injured, that way you might end up on a winning squad. (Of course, you might get drafted by Rick Vaughn too, so buyer beware on that one).

Got Wood? Has too much firepower to lose this one. Duke has been heating up, Doc Moose is crushing pins (and talking mad shit to his wife who is not killing pins….time for the San Diego name change?), and Ruby Canary is rising up the ranks as well. I see a comfortable win for this crew.

Thunder v. Roadhouse (-1) – This match will settle who’s son it really is, once and for all.

Ok, so it’s official, Thunder is not the father, and Roadhouse gets the upset win.

Farmer v. Nut Sauce – Must say I really like that Nut Sauce gal. But I also like cold toilet seats. (admit it, you do too). Like all the Too Much Too Fast matches, it comes down to the depth of their team versus some potentially huge scores by the other team. Nut Sauce and Walter will do their part, but it will come down to Left Beef and Cilantro….can they roll scores to take points from Farmer and Bombpop? My sources say no, and Too Much Too Fast wins for the 4th week in a row.

All Star Mo $ (sup girl!….Roll Bork!) is rolling well, threatening a 150 average, but it won’t quite be enough this week. Oh well, at least her dancing game remains strong…

Stay safe, Bopo. See you tonight!!

6 thoughts on “Early to Bed, Early to Rise (Late games)

  1. Disaster of a season?!?! Cupid you’re a douchebag. It’s too bad we’re in opposite divisions. We would beat you and drink you under the table.

    Winter is here. The snow flies soon and so does the three eyed raven.

    Ps. Finkle is Einhorn

      1. I may have accused Oakie of being a D-Bag re: the lines last night. I issue a public apology and state my regret.

        Let’s all mock Cupid. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.

      2. Apology accepted. Next week I got them all so you may get to un-apologize………

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