Opening night – take 2

Ok, made some changes.  Thanks to Magic for helping craft a great schedule.  Opening week will now include our first Friday Night Lights, which will be 4 games on West side lanes with the mezzanine open for BoPo.  Pretty sweet.  So, here is the new opening night schedule.

2-Jan 4-Jan 5-Jan
SOD vs 5 Fingers Livers vs Wreck Lions Den vs Guacabowle Bad News vs UREA! Sharks vs Cape Fear
BEER vs Saucy Posse Increds vs NED Leisure vs BUI Bdash vs Roll Another Ball That vs Whoomp
OC vs Viking BILF vs Taygod LOS vs GOB Linguists vs Puds DHD vs TDYOB
Yahtzee vs Bingas Trolls vs My Balls YB2 vs Xcite Chuckits vs Lesbowlians ICBING vs Party Mix
Hazzard vs XXX Club Hookers vs Tap Dogs vs T&T Granola vs Pinups
Oddballs – BYE Buds vs Splits B&B – BYE Hands vs Candy


One thought on “Opening night – take 2

  1. Which of the above games are early vs late? Or has that aspect not been determined yet?

    Thanks Commish! Can not wait for BoPo to get going!!!

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