League Rate

Hey BoPo, I don’t usually talk business on here, but as often happens during the BoPo season lots of folks are getting confused about how league rate works.  League rate is a sweet deal, and has been the same price since we opened.  It is for people that play in the league and want some practice time at an affordable rate.  There are only a couple rules that go along with the deal:

League rate is not available from 6-9pm, that’s actually been the case for several years.

League rate is for league members only.  Please don’t bring in a group of non-BoPo friends and expect league rate.  Badgering the front desk about it won’t work and is very lame.

The two hour time limit on lanes still applies regardless of what rate you are paying.

No reservations can be made at league rate.

Great!  Now back to the season…

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