Basic Tuesday Lines

I know you’re not supposed to feed trolls, but this Fake Thursday thing is so cute I couldn’t not comment.  As we all know the entire league played on Tuesday for the first three years.  We added a Thursday squad so more people could get in.  For folks who like dated references, this is like if Joanie Loves Chachi referred to Happy Days as “Fake Joanie Loves Chachi”.  As for the comparative partying, as someone who’s been to almost every night of both the reality is both nights have scaled back quite a bit this year, but no real discernible difference between nights, just early vs late. Teams are going much harder on Fridays though, those have been awesome.  I guess Early could be called Fake Late?

Note: This week is the cutoff for all-star averages. Top 18 dudes (must include at least 2 from B division) and 12 women (must include at least 2 from B division) make it.

Fake Late Games

Yahtzee (2-2) -3 vs O.C. (1-4): I didn’t realize Tango had 6 games in and was over 170.  He’s going to be just fine in the playoffs and Yahtzee will be a contender again, just keep your smooth hands away from Sparkles.  O.C. is mired in the Tuesday A last place log jam, looking to get a win or two just to avoid that extra week of playoffs, while Gutterboi and Cheddar could be battling for the last all-star spot.

Oddballs (4-0) -1 vs S.O.D. (4-1): Oddballs traveled to Friday and knocked off defending champs Saucy Posse (though it should be noted Nut Sauce was absent).  More surprisingly they partied – they’ve had some nearly dry Tuesdays but put them on Friday night and they get a little crazy.  S.O.D. rallied from 7-3 down to pull of a big win last week, rolling an 815 game 3.  The winner here will be in first place in Tuesday A at the halfway point.

Saucy Posse (3-2) -9 vs Cape Fear (1-3): SauPo will take out their Friday frustrations on Cape Fear with a dominant win.  Did anyone else notice Hot Sauce got good at bowling? Cape will just be frustrated not to be playing on Friday, while Northpaw daydreams about all his 2019 signings.  Soccer Dad and Southpaw are both right on the cusp of all-star qualifying.

Skol (2-3) -1 vs Turkey Club (3-1): This pick will probably look pretty silly tomorrow, seeing as Skol is on a three game losing streak and T Club is still T Club.  That said Skol does have a higher team average.  Tom E Gunz vs Buck Ripcord is one of the better individual matchups you’ll ever see in BoPo, and both are firmly in the hunt for Top Dog this season.  I used to just pick Roadhouse to win all the time so I’m trying to move outside my comfort zone.

Bowl Trolls (5-0) -3 vs Hookers (2-2): How bout them Trolls?  They just keep finding ways to win.  Lat week they rallied from 7-3 down, and way back with 3 frames to go, to stay undefeated and keep the Burners winless.  They’ve managed to do all this with the 9th best average in Tuesday B.  All they do is win.  The Hookers are pretty hard to predict with several hundred point average swings week to week.  The Trolls seem to have the magic so I’ll pick them to get to the halfway point of the season without a loss, infuriating God of Thunder.

Splits Happen (2-2) -1 vs Strikes on Tap (2-3): This is a big game for a couple of teams that still have dreams of the B playoffs.  Cleveland made a big splash with Strikes on Tap, but they’ve hit a losing streak.  Xander’s team is going in the other direction, picking up 2 straight wins (over winless teams) to even their record.  This is my pick tonight for best chance at a bowloff…still haven’t seen one all season, which is just crazy!

Late Games

Wrecking Balls (3-2) -11 vs Whoomp (0-5):  With 3 Livers and Burners both on bye weeks, Whoomp could be the first team to 6 losses.  Thw Wreck meanwhile should get to a nice 4-2 at the halfway point, and Iceburg would currently grab the 2nd guaranteed B spot for the all-star game.  Nice work, Rook!

N.E.D. (5-0) -1 vs My Balls (3-1): This should be an awesome matchup.  Burt The Bandit is coming off the best two game run in BoPo history, starting last week 276-277.  Damn.  His average is up over 200 and he’s an all-star lock.  That said the rest of the team kind of sat back and watched (and heckled the shit out of Spidey) . They’ll need more contributors to beat a solid My Balls squad.  Cygnus is good for a 200 a week, Luna should be an all star, and he team is bowling pretty well.  I don’t think they get the upset but I think they come extremely close.

Incredibowls (4-1) -3 vs Budweisers (4-1): Another awesome Tuesday B game.  Just realized who Kiss My Pabst was – that’s a solid signing to replace Spidey.  Sir Marks A Lot and Ric Spair need to do a lot of work to win here…not sure this year how they’re doing on the late shot.  They did have a nice bounceback win last week and are a confident group.  I just don’t see them slowing GoT’s rampage.

Ball That (2-3) -9 vs BILF (1-3):  Ball That was the victim of Burt’s insane night last week and they’ll punish BILF this week to make up for it.  They can still make a run for the B Playoffs.    BILF captain Danks’ looks like his confidence has been shattered, as if he’s expecting every shot to turn in to a poorly timed split.  They need DeLoose Cannon to show, get on a hot streak, and dance some positive energy into them to keep this one close.

Body English (1-4) -3 vs Lion’s Den (3-2): Thursday has pulled off 2 straight crossover wins to make the season series 3-2 Tuesday.  This week they send Lion’s Den over to play the hard luck Body English squad.  The Lion’s are excited to travel, they like partying with new folks.  They’ll make their presence felt.  Body English is allergic to wins this year and is coming off their second 7-3 blown lead.  New papa Filthy McNasty should be back, and there’s even a legitimate chance Tom Richards gets his first game in tonight, so there will be revelry.

Bingas (3-1) -1 vs Hazzard (1-4): Binga’s could come in a little rusty after the bye week, though Jerk looked solid bowling in the interim.  Binga’s is a solid 3-1 with Tso and Jerk leading the way, and Chernobyl only a few pins away from an all-star spot.  Hazzard has had some monster games from Rev Lord, but not enough.  LB should be an all-star, and Uncle Jesse and Luke both love playing against Bingas.  This one will be close and run late.  Maybe a midnight bowloff?






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  1. The fake Commish has spoken. Literally no one cares what night the league started. The whole premise is for the working class and not the elite like the fake Commish. Friday morning is much easier to be hung than Wednesday morning. That is all. No butt-hurt intended.

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