We are more than halfway done the regular season.  Time flies.  We still have 6 undefeated teams and 8 winless teams so lots of folks will soon get to experience their first win or loss.  The all-star game was awesome, so good to mix the nights together and remember what a huge, fun league exists on both nights of the week.  The PBA Draft is behind us and I love the new-look Lumberjacks we put together, and that there are 7 new bowlers playing for various teams.  Only 8 weeks til that (word of advice, ask anyone who’s played in it, you don’t want to miss the BoPro-Am, perhaps the coolest night of bowling in the world annually).  Anyway, remember to keep enjoying yourself, and that if you are getting very angry on the lanes it probably isn’t about bowling and you should just take some time to reflect on life.

Early Games

Sharks and Strikes (4-2) -3 vs Skol (3-4): Last week during league someone totaled Automatic’s car on Alder Street.  We watched the video footage of the evening but looks like it was just out of frame.  Yes, it is probably just a selfish d-bag who took off rather than report the accident, but maybe it was Viking channeling Fast Times?

Either way, Sharks pull it out.  Go Lincoln.

Yahtzee (4-2) -5 vs Hazzard (2-5):  A few weeks ago I said Yahtzee was kind of on cruise control through the regular season and they weer just working toward the playoffs.  Well they hit hyperspeed on the project and are back to looking like a dominant regular season team.  Tango entirely dismissed Hazzard’s chance against Yahtzee on the podcast this week, and while normally I’d say that’s the kind of hubris that gets you a loss, in this case I think it’s the well-founded confidence of a team that already has a title and expects to win another one.  Here’s their pregame music.

Oddballs (6-0) -1 vs Bingas (3-3): Binga’s is on a bit of a slide and Oddballs keeps extending their undefeated start.  This game has upset written all over it, but I can’t quite bring myself to bet against a very strong and unblemished Oddballs.  This game should be a lot of fun and close but ultimately too much depth from the oddballs.  Here’s Heartbreak Kid talking about he and Brooklyn getting invited to hang out postgame at Binga’s lounge.

Off Constantly (1-6) -3 vs Body English (2-5):  Remember the early days of BoPo, when OC won two titles, and BEER won one while losing to OC in an attempt to repeat?  Yeah, not a lot of folks do.  Those banners are getting dusty and these teams are now locked in a duel for the last place spot in A.  Body English has hung their hat on the ‘great average no wins’ thing but the losses are starting to speak for themselves.  OC’s been bowling well lately but getting pummeled by 800’s.  They should get Mama D back.  That plus no Herb’n again this week probably gives it the guys in black.  Here’s Herb’n lamenting his offseason decision while on vacation this week.  “It was YOU, Charlie…”

Strikes on Tap (4-3) -7 vs Burners (1-5): First off, tip of the hat to The Burners on picking up their inaugural BoPo win as a franchise just a week after coming agonizingly close to knocking off the Trolls.  They should bask in the warm glow of that victorious feeling for a while because they are unlikely to go back to back against Strikes on Tap.  Cleveland and Co are cruising with the top average in B, but have used up most of their margin for error in terms of making a playoff run.  They’ll get the job done in this one, but here’s Chameleon and Shooter getting over the loss quickly.

No Eye Deer (7-0) -3 vs Splits Happen (3-3): Interesting game here.  NED’s undefeated, and the two hottest bowlers in B battle head to head.  Splits’ Capt Spare-O bowled an impressive (and slightly confusing) 273 last week.  Burt had a couple 200s, including a 240.  Funny thing is that was a down week for him after his previous game.  Going to be a lot of A team’s lining up with free agent pitches for this guy if he’s listening to offers.  Here’s Burt’s initial proposal to potential teams.

Late Games

Sons of Danarchy (4-2) -3 vs Cape Fear (2-4): Cape is kind of mailing it in til they get to move to Thursday next year.  They did beat BEER last week (who hasn’t) without Southpaw and Soccer Dad.  Shout out to new guy Keanu Revs opening with 5 straight.  Tonight they play their first late game, just hoping to finish in time to get to hockey.  S.O.D.’s Cooch has been one of the stars of the league in his first season, most recently winning the all-star game in a shoot-out.  Here’s the Paw Brothers (and Big Pin Pin) trying to get fired up after going down 5-0 in game 1.

Ball That (3-4) -13 vs Three Livers (0-7): Ball That is not having the B season they imagined.  That said they’ll get to .500 tonight and could still sneak in the playoffs if they win out.  Three Livers is biding their time til their matchup with Whoomp.  Here’s The Livers bringing their A game.

Incredibowls (4-2) -3 vs My Balls (3-3):  Do or die time for My Balls.  Also, pretty sure they haven’t paid their team fees yet.  Uh oh!  Incredibowls have the inside track on a playoff spot.  Kiss My Pabst has been a solid replacement for Spidey, nice GMing God of Thunder.  Word is Spidey tried to soothe the bad feelings, but GoT sent this word back.

Budweisers (5-1) -3 vs Hookers (3-3):  The Buds had a great season last year before being the sacrificial lambs to DHD in the B finals.  This year the B playoffs are wide open and the Buds are hoping for another shot at the title, pretty sure National would be psyched with a banner on the wall that said Budweiser.  The Hookers are hard to predict, they’ve had some big games and can certainly pull of the upset.  I’m going to go with Alexa on this one though.

Bowl Trolls (7-0) -5 vs BILF (2-5): The Trolls keep starting slow but finding ways to win.  The BILF keep finding ways to lose.  At least this week they should face a less angry opponent.  Being 7-0 tends to keep a crew happy.  The Trolls could get to 8-0 but there are still some doubters.  Here’s Major Danks talking to Old Thumper and Deloose Cannon about the Trolls (Iowa).

Fuge has a different take on being undefeated.  Here’s his pregame jam

Saucy Posse (5-2) -1 vs Turkey Club (4-2):  Game of the week, a rematch of last year’s finals.  SauPo is leading the league in average in their title defense year and look as good as any former champ in their attempt to be the first repeat titlists.  The Club has lost back to back titles, and 3 overall.  Tuesday A has a bunch of 2 loss squads, so getting a win here is big for playoff seeding.  Splinter and Ripcord are in a dogfight for Top Dog too.  SauPo looking to start a dynasty, here’s a take on whether Turkey Club already is

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