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The calendar has turned to March!!  Can tacos on the rooftop be that far behind?  These mild weeks are getting me thinking of some outdoor fun, and that means we are entering the home stretch of BoPo.  One more month of regular season before the playoffs, so I expect a lot more clicks on the BoPo Playoff Info link in the upcoming weeks.

I have the early matches this week and a couple of the Friday Night Lights, which has a fun slate this week.  Off we go…

LOS (-3) v. 5 Finger Discount – LOS will be shorthanded this week, missing both Precious and Mr. Stiffy.  They are hoping to get Big Gulps back in the fold again to bolster the numbers, but even without him I think they can carry the day against 5 Finger.

Expect to see a lot of points decided in the 150-160 range in this one, and that will result in a closer match than people think.  Also expect to see Dutch attempt to take some top points from Cheese, which I think will turn out like this:

DHD (-3) v. Guacabowle – Game 1 of a double header for DHD tonight, with a clash against YB2 waiting after this one.  Guacabowle has only the one match to handle tonight, so will be coming out hot to try and ruin DHD’s evening, and send them over to YB2 a sad bunch.

Guacabowle should be crushing wins in Thursday A, but are 4 losses in and about to be 5.  Surprising to say the least.  Strichael Jackson (Mitch) and his business partner Evander Bowlyfield (Dick) deserve to return to Howie’s Pub victorious, regaling the regulars (Buckeye Booth) with tales of glory from Bayside. And then dance:

This week, they’ll walk in with a loss, and start plotting their revenge on Badger, a plan that doesn’t exactly go as expected…

Careful, Badger, might want to sleep with one eye open.

DHD puts in a ton of time at the lanes, so bowling 6 games will not phase them at all.  They can bowl a regular shift in this one, and still have plenty of juice for the later match. They have a large crew that all bowl well. These guys have stamina.  In fact, they even called G Force Stamina Daddy back in the day…

Pinups (-1) v. Bowlderdash – I am calling the minor upset in this one, and really hoping it happens to throw the B playoff spots into chaos.  The Pinups sport a slight team average advantage, and it will come down to the random 134-132 point for the win.

Pinups are putting in actual work on the lanes.  Not as much as Boys, but still plenty.  Pretty sure they are committed to the real thing, especially after MacBalls tried a little Virtual Reality for the first time…

Breaking news:  MacBalls and Lil Lane Master will be on Rooftop Sessions this week.  The original crew will be back together for 90 minutes of tomfoolery, and a little BoPo chatter.

Roll Another (-5) v. Strike City – One of these days Roll Another will get to see their B Banner hanging at Bayside.  While they wait, they can have a blast and crush Strike City, who’s full name is actually Bowlhemian Strike City, and word is they got a sponsorship from Otto’s, something that Otto’s will see zero return on.  But hey, who am I to talk, I’m a guy who chases down growlers of Yes Beer for a podcast.

Here are Lil’ Rusty, Magnus, The Brush, and Hunger Strike from Strike City commuting to the lanes for their match:

But seriously, congrats on the sponsorship, glad to see you guys have maintained your integrity through all of this:

And thus a new theme for videos in the lines is born…

FC Portland (-1) v. ICBING – FC Portland is on the outside looking in on the B playoffs, but a win here may get them into the top 4.  I still can’t figure out who ICBING is rolling these days as they get wins.  And you never know who (or what) you’ll get with FC Portland.  But for whatever reason, probably because they were listed first on the schedule, I’ll go with FC in this one.

Fabio has been a long time BoPo’er who somehow has kept that wig intact over many years.  He doesn’t get the lanes that much as he lives a ways away, and has been spending a ton of time canoeing the many waterways our beautiful state has to offer.  Doesn’t always go that well, and when it goes wrong, the loons scatter for miles.  Listen to this squealing as he falls into 8 inches of water!

Pinny Candy (-5) v. Granola Rollahs – Pinny Candy have their sights set on a B playoff spot, and are not about to let Granola spoil their party…Granola is simply there to party.  But hey, sometimes they bring some new, groovy granola with them.  I am loving their coconut granola lately.

Hey Pinny Candy, aren’t most of you State Legislators?  If a citizen referendum passes to legalize marijuana, shouldn’t you put the infrastructure in place to, I don’t know, allow people to sell it and tax it?  Come on!  Certain Granola Rollahs were in California, and things were far along enough that they called an 800 customer service number to get help for a poorly functioning vape pen that cost them $10.  Here’s a transcript of the call:

Pax Customer Service:  Thank you for calling Pax, this is Zion, how can I help you today?

Granola:  My pen doesn’t work

Zion:  Hey stoner, did you turn it on?

Granola:  That did it!  Thanks for the help!


Might be too much to ask to be as far along as California, but anything you can do to help out would be appreciated by BoPo!

And I have one more request for the legislators…

Last week’s closing song sent me down the rabbit hole of old High School and college tunes, and I still may do a set of lines featuring only tunes from that era, but for now I’ll leave you with another gem from long long ago…you couldn’t listen to the radio in the summer of 1988 without hearing this song…and I love that it mixes in footage from a ton of movie bands from that era as well, crazy how many of those movies I recognized.

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