Thursday Early

Thursday Early

Waldorf is back in the house to talk shit about people that can take a joke, and also people that cannot.  Trust me this ain’t easy.  It’s hard work.  Jesus that made me laugh.  I’m very fond of my own jokes, laughter is what keeps all this shit worth keeping on.  I also have Thursday early which absolutely blows.  If you have a funeral to prepare for come watch Thursday early bowl.  Talk about being dead, it’s dead in there on Thursday early.  Thursday early I’m calling you out.  We have 4 weeks left!  I want to walk into a big ass Thursday party around 7 p.m. tomorrow night.  Atomik dropping phat phat beats, people shakings their asses off, having a few drinks, a few laughs and throwing em at the pins.  I love Thursday!  Holy shit to me every other day sucks absolute ass.  Except Friday, Friday is one sexy bastard.  Saturday you don’t suck either.  Sunday you evil bastard taking you off is good for the soul, but I love partying on you Sunday, you big beautiful bastard!!!!  Now Monday through Wednesday you can go fuck yourself.  If I bowled on Tuesday it would be Monday and Wednesday sucks everything else stays the same.  Now let’s get out there and do our Thursday thing!

Shit!  Wrong clip!

And for those that don’t know Salad is my boy.  Had a blast with the kid in Draft and having a party with him in BoPo.  Check the podcast.  He has also respectively asked to be called Side Salad rather than Clown Penis.  Completely understandable, but Jesus twice is nice, love this clip!

Rest assured if you see a Clown penis, me or an actual clown’s penis, this just ain’t your day.  So good.

Now this is Salad kicking ass as a pilot:

Freaking movie blew me away.  On edge of my seat the entire time.  Wow pilots have brass ones and these guys are fighting over the freaking ocean.  When if you go down even if able to eject out your day is going to suck for a while.  Best of luck Collins.

Let’s get cracking!  These lines will be hard to handicap as we have a Nor’easter coming so who knows who will show on Thursday night.  I write these lines as everyone does what TDYOB does shows up and bowl no matter the obstacles!!!!!!

Leisure Rolls (4-5) -1 versus DHD (7-2):  Upset alert!  Insanal has gotten hot he singlehandedly beat TDYOB last week.  Damn bastard!!!!!  Took out Munson 245-217 and 234-216 game 2 and 3 after being down 4-1.  D$ has started heating up.  Edwina looks good they are getting hot at the right time.  On the other side of the lanes DHD been showing a little wear and tear.  Their ace took a huge digger early season.  Doc Moose’s arm and waistline are killing him from bowling every day.  King of Brooklyn started rolling in the pocket.  They’ve been bowling kids.  It’s a mess 7-2 could end up 7-5 and a first round loss to XXX Club.  I’m making that up, I haven’t had the time, nor do I care about the potential playoff seedings.  Waldorf is just here for the bowling ball.  Leisure Rolls sorry for picking you to win and pissing off DHD but you ruined my boy Farmer’s night last Friday so fuck ya.

In case anyone missed the Facebook, Live Tricky Dick Allen has signed with Travel Centers of America.  They said he couldn’t do it and he did.  That said always a chance that could be #fakenews.

GOB (4-3) -10 versus Spare of the Dog (1-6):  You now how when you have a pet dog and he or she one day just decides to lay down and die?  Well these dogs have laid down and died.  “Yo sorry dawg!”  Thunder said this at a 50th surprise bday Thursday night for a Friday after he stepped on the dude’s dog.  Classic Blunder.  GOB is another team that is writing the ship at the right time.  Holden Green has been putting in work, Hand is rolling angry, so is Jon Moon, what a surprise.  Nurple Seachellz and Town are primed for a strong stretch run and if a dog wants to be put to sleep well the team mechanic is gonna do it.

Waldorf hung with Holden Green Wednesday night at Howie’s.  Solid kid bought me a Patina and kid used to throw 86 mph.  Legit.  Waldorf’s brother threw 88 mph on a USA Today top 25 team in 1992.  Never played and still got a partial scholarship to a D2 team to play baseball.  Blew out his arm and the first preseason game and two years later got kicked off campus after kicking pieces of a dorm roof off and hitting a member of administration.  You thought Waldorf had issues:

BUI (7-1) -15 versus T&T (1-6):  Christmas miracle T&T won a game.  Greggopollo oiled the lane to suit his roll.  You know throw it anywhere and strike and what do you know a couple of Thursday B teams threw a ton of 200s.  Back old side, no oil manipulation:

BUI is rolling and looks to make another run in the playoffs.  T&T is happy with their one win and I expect them to lay down and die like a dog tonight.  Shootout to Crowbar who they are actually letting roll this season which could explain their 1-6 record.

Nice roll Crowbar!

Bad News Spares (1-6) -3 versus Strike City (0-6):  Be still my beating heart.  Bad News Spares has eyes on their first two win season and most likely 5 years.  I sure do miss La Striking Senorita.  Had a couple cold ones with her brother Ram Rod last night at Howie’s.  That dude is a piece of work:

Strike City isn’t winning much but are taking a run at Team of the Year bringing great energy and vibe to the league.  This will be a fun match to watch.  Koops put them on the lanes before TDYOB vs LOS to drive the towers insane.  Watch for the ladies of BNS to win again tonight and go big at the post game party:

Lesbowlians (4-4) -15 versus Granola (1-7):  The Lesbowls are hot right now as the former TOTY dusted off FCP last night 14-1, and my buddy Thunder loved every minute of it as he found out what he already knew that Oolie can sure dish it out, but when it comes to taking it not so much.  Granola just happy they got a win and they will get knocked out by the ladies with the numbers on their backs tonight.

UREA! (7-0) -5 versus Pinups (5-4):  UREA! moved from A to B because they love to bully people.  MacBalls and Lil Lane Master had been giving Waldorf shit about not knowing who there team was.  Then these ladies (burnouts) went on the podcast and revealed they literally don’t know anyone.  #heypotIamkettle.  Pinups will take some points but look for UREA! to stay the pride of Thursday A.  Also look for C-Murda to be doing this after the match.  Rolling early means the guy has been drinking for 9 hours come midnight.

Well that’s a wrap let’s get down and party this snow away.  If you know what I mean!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Early

  1. Just had the urge to sling some reece feces and backdoor betty here had to get his poop shoot in a triangle. Didnt even take notice to any Country Grammar, eh oh! Oh and next time we are at bayside, I will show you a county Thing if you know what I mean dot dot dot

  2. Although Waldorf experiences an extreme case of diction diarrhea week in and week out, the occasional solid plopper of a line gets pinched into the bowl. In this splashing case of wet arse, floating through all the liquid codswallop, ‘Waldorf is back in the house to talk shit about people that can take a joke, and also people than cannot.’ was a certified sewer log! Well done Waldorf, on your perpetual flatulence.

    1. “Waldorf is back in the house to talk shit about people that can take a joke, and also people that cannot.”

      That, not than ass-hat. No time to edit yesterday. Fucking low IQ moron comes on here talking smack about grammar, then makes a grammatical error in a misquote. Classic Lukewarm Sauce move. Must be a County thing……….

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