Thursday Early

Another week, another blizzard.  Super psyched that this will be me and my son in a couple days:

I fucking love Mexico.  They have the right amount of rules down there…and by that I mean less rules than here.  But before I head south, some early lines.

This week each match will have an old as fuck tune from my past ranging from High School to just out of college to set the stage for the result. In the late 80’s I was either into new wave/dance/alternative or I was dancing to whatever hippy shake show I could attend, which for me was a lot of Dead and Phish.  These lines are really about the former set of tunes.  Away we go:

LOS (-7) v. B&B – First things first, B&B are here for the hang.  They love to bowl, but having a fun crew of nice people is job #1.  And they have succeeded.  Sadly, they won’t have a ton of fun tonight as they get stomped by LOS.

Precious is rolling like the stud he is.  Cheese seems to have this whole bowling thing figured out.  Stiffy actually rolled a good game last week.  He credits a great lunch he had with a member of his staff for that:

Things are clicking for LOS, who’s options for tonight are Hollow Victory or Bitter Defeat.  They’ll get the Hollow Victory.  And then the twin towers dance to their theme song:

GOB (-3) v. 5 Finger Discount – It’d be too easy to select Been Caught Stealing by Janes Addiction for this one, but seeing as I think they lose, I’ll instead go for a tune more apt for GOB.  They are a working class crew of people who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty in the name of revolution (or well functioning bowling machines….or cars).  GOB has quietly moved to 6-3 and are in 5th place in Thursday A.  All while pounding pints of cheap beer.  They just seem like a crew that would appreciate an old Clash tune.  Imagine if all the boys in jail, could get out now together?  Pour a pint and sing along…

Leisure Rolls (-1) v. Guacabowle – Don’t sleep on Captain Insanal.  Dude went 245 234 on us a couple Fridays ago, and hasn’t let up in weeks.  He’s killing it.  Guacabowle has some folks rolling big, and some rolling not so big.  And they also have Dick Whitman. What do you get when you mix Dick, Mitch, and Howie(s)?

I think this one will be close, but I like D$ to be the difference in this one, and get the Leisure rolls a needed win as they chase a better playoff seed.  But speaking of Insanal…

Happy Hands Productions (-3) v. Strike City – Strike City got a win, meaning that only 5 Finger Discount is winless this year on Thursday.  I can only imagine that they partied very well at Otto’s after the victory, something like this:

Happy Hands will take care of business in this one, and have a blast doing it against one of my favorite teams in the league.  I still would encourage Strike City to buy some shoes and balls, but tonights tune is for the Porn Stars of Happy Hands:

Hey now!

Lesbowlians (-3) v. Roll Another – One of these days I will know how to pick matches for both of these teams.  Sometimes they are great, other times they are not.  I pick them to win, and they lose.  Pick ‘em to lose, they’ll probably win.  Admittedly by picking the Lesbowlians I am dooming them to defeat, but I am doing it just to include this tune, which may be my fave of the bunch in these lines today.  I could see the team serenading the boys of Roll Another with this one:

The schedule had a blank in it, so I guess only 5 early matches this week.

Couple tunes I didn’t include but wish I could have.  Including the TDYOB mainstay:

Loved that whole Manchester scene in the 80’s, especially the Stone Roses.  This was pre-MDMA, but other stuff was around, and used to dance until 4 am to this music…a benefit from going to college in NY was that the bars were open until 4.  When I moved to Maine, I could not believe how early everything closed…now I love it.

And this one.  I had the biggest crush on Delores from the Cranberries, she was so f’n cool.  RIP Delores.  Amazing voice…

Adios, amigos!

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