Thursday Late

Waldorf back on the late shift.  Hungus tells us partying is down.  Could it be that most of the league is 11 years older than when it began?  Jesus year 20 this league is gonna start looking like the night of the living dead if we don’t start to recruit some youth!

Wow only three weeks left until playoffs begin.  Quick break for PBA and then wrap it up at the Bowling Ball April 28th when the Sharks and Strikes win their first banner.  Nice FU scorched earth season from S+S.  From butthurt about Team of the Year in 2017 to Champions in 2018, not a bad little keep your BS trophy we will take the banner tour!  Tuesday got snowed out, Lion’s Den and YB2 have a bye, here they are all lamenting these facts:

Late Games:

BUI (8-1) -5 versus TDYOB (4-5):  BUI is hot hot hot.  TDYOB just got crushed 14-1 by LOS averaging under 600 and seem to be limping to the finish line.  Mo$ finds herself in the 149s once again.  Farmer has come back to earth.  Blunder plods along at a 170 clip and they never know if Munson is going to show or not. In the game of life there are winners and there are losers and TDYOB is a perennial loser in this league.  BUI continues to be underrated as hell.  Hexy will roll only one so they can win.  Animal is rolling well, and they have as deep a 4-guy rotation as you see on Thursday night with G Unit, Snapshot, Duke T, and Happy Feet Pete.  They should have little trouble beating the piss drunk cocks from Bork.  Here is Thunder and Farmer after the loss contemplating Friday around 3 p.m.

Touch My Excite (4-5) -10 versus Spare of the Dog (1-7):  Clash of styles here.  A team in Excite that cares about bowling versus a team in Spare of the Dog that does not.  This favors Touch as the Dog plays out the final few strings of the season.  What did you expect Spare didn’t even make the playoffs last year?  Here are the boys hanging with Wedgehead:

PinUps (5-5) -10 versus Bad News Spares (1-7):  Podcast been MIA since the PinUp ladies hit the show.  That whole forgetting about everything must have rubbed off on the podcast dudes.  BNS are just here to drink beer and kick a little ass and they are almost out of beer.

Bowlderdash (7-3) -1 versus Pinny Candy (7-1):  Well sorry Bowlderdash every time I pick against Pinny Candy they win, but there is something about your 104.5 points that I like!  This is a huge match with serious B playoff implications for both.  Fortunately, whoever losses appear to still be in.  I will pick Bdash and an upset and then ask:

Party Mix (6-2) -1 versus FCP (6-3):  With RamRod and Droolie out of town I’m picking Party Mix to right the ship and get the upset in this match, especially because I heard LouDawg will have to roll 3 games.  Here is Hakeem when he realizes LouDawg is rolling a ball with no holes:

UREA! (8-0) -15 versus ICBING (4-5):  UREA! on a mission to remain undefeated.  ICBING on a mission to get loose.  C-Murda is in for getting loose and here he is talking to Rocky Bowlboa and his new fiancee after the game:

Sorry folks Waldorf got too much going on these days to award any time to this, so you get what you get.  Thank God it’s Thursday!!!!

Here is Thunder showing up for the BUI match:

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