Thursday Playoffs

Well that was definitely better than the Sunday Shootout.  The BoPo playoffs launched Tuesday and we had some great energy and some great games.  Most went as expected, but there were a few surprises and close calls.  The biggest upset was the 2-10 Burners knocking off the 7-5 former B champs Roll Another.  They’ll now play BILF who won a wild back and forth game with FC Portland in the last frame.  Splits Happen edged Lesbowlians in a game that went to the last shot.  Capt. Spare-O had a huge 246.  Speaking of big scores, Cygnus X1 had a 256 in game three as My Balls came back from 5-0 down to beat Pinups.  Tough night for Thursday B teams who ended up going 0-10.

Tonight these teams face one more hurdle to make it into the bracket.  Let’s take a look at the games.

Early Games

Wrecking Balls (9-4) -1 vs Strikes on Tap (9-4): This should be a great one.  Both teams are led by rookies.  Iceberg led Wrecking Balls with a 190 average, Cleveland led Tap with a 177 but had a several big games.  I think the Wreck has a little more depth with Biscuit Wheels a big contributor.  The winner advances to next Thursday for a date with 12-0 Y&B2.

BILF (5-8) -5 vs Burners (3-10): Both teams got dramatic wins on Tuesday.  The Burners are hungry and want to see how far they can ride this wave.  BILF will be in the very unusual position of being a favorite.  Impressive game from Mowem Down Mollie with her first 200 of the year.  Maj Danks will need the same clutch bowling as his 10th frame 9 to win bottom point 121-120 on Tuesday.  Winner plays Oddballs next Tuesday- ouch

Incredibowls (7-6) -1 vs Bowled & Beautiful (2-11):  Tuesday B won all their games Tuesday, now they’ll try to knock off some Thursday A teams.  Ruby Canary has had a couple solid 200’s in her last two matches, and Mr. Mayor also had a 200 in the opening round.  Incredibowls did what they needed to advance but face a bigger challenge here.  Time for Kiss My Pabst to step up, and maybe a Boston sighting.  Winner gets BUI next Thursday.

Ball That (5-8) -3 vs 5 Finger Discount (1-12): The Fingers got their first win of the year on Tuesday.  Can they string two together and make the bracket?  Seems like a reach, but it is a possibility.  Ball That had their full roster out there Tuesday and seem like they are focused for the playoffs.  I think they get one more win to reach the big dance.  Winner gets defending champs Saucy Posse next Tuesday.

Strikes of Hazzard (3-10) -5 vs Splits Happen (7-6): Hazzard is the one Tuesday A team playing in the qualifiers.  They took care of business Tuesday, but face a tougher test tonight.  Splits Happen is not afraid of the big teams, and Spare-o and Xander can put up big scores.  Hazzard will need their long timers (Uncle Jesse, Luke and Marne Asada) to grab their points and put away a feisty challenger.  Winner gets LOS next Thursday.

Late Games

My Balls (7-6) -1 vs Tattoos and Titties (2-10):  Yep, I’m going with the Tuesday B team again to knock off a Thursday A.  My Balls are a confident bunch.  They were not rattled after bowling their worst game of the year and going down 5-0 in the first round.  T&T had a 225 from Slugga Tuesday, and has Gregoppolo throwing a wild ball that does damage when on target, and Rubbys throwing wild dance moves that do the same.  Bowloff potential galore.  Winner gets fed to The Sharks next Tuesday.

Bowl Trolls (9-3) -3 vs Bowlderdash (9-3):  Bowlderdash has been one of the big surprises of BoPo XI wrapping up an appearance in the B playoffs.  Boys McCracken has led them and has been putting up huge practice scores this week, but they also got solid seasons from Sweet Tamm and captain Michael Bowlton.  The Trolls finished 1-3 after an 8-0 start, but they have the pieces to win this one.  Gutterslut should be the top bowler of the match, and Abbazon brings the intensity.  Fuge will be swinging his python around celebrating the win as Trolls make the B semis.

Budweisers (9-3) -5 vs Party Mix (10-2): Party Mix seemed surprised all season to be winning so many games.  Well, now they’re here in the playoffs and get a tough opponent.  The Budweisers were in the B finals last year, losing to future A team DHD.  They’d love to make another run this year with no dominant team out there to crush them in the finals. Sir Marks A Lot’s crew has a 50 pin per game advantage –  that should be enough to win.

N.E.D. (11-1) -5 vs Pinny Candy (9-3):  NED has been the talk of B all year (despite UREA going undefeated), now they try to take their first step toward the B title they crave.  Burt The Bandit has been insane this year, averaging 198.7.  Tush Christ had the most memorable frame of the season in his speedo.  This team is all in.  Pinny Candy kept finding ways to win all year and find themselves with a chance to keep surprising everyone.  Pay Day can put some speed on the ball, but Dots led the team with a 162 average and three 200’s.  They’ll hope the playoff pressure works to their advantage in pulling off the upset.

UREA! (12-0) -1  vs Brooklyn Hookers (9-3): Well, Thursday B is 0-10, and I predict them to be 0-13 coming into this one, but despite the fact that UREAs record looks a little less shiny now they still have the 2nd best average in all of B and a 30 pin advantage on the Hookers, so I’ll take them in this one.  J-Bird rebuilt nicely with Hungry Eyes and Casual T joining C-Murda and the crew.  Casual T has been getting a 200 each week.  They just need to be ready for a big jump in competition level.  The Hookers handed NED their only loss of the season so they are not intimidated.  Rotini can definitely take over a match, but she has help from Goose and Cro Magnon who both have multiple 200s.  This game should be high scoring as the teams push each other.  Ultimately I think Casual T makes the difference in a nailbiter.



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